Woodpeckers and a Lantern Window

An evening stroll. The light down at the Cove was wonderfully warm on the normally grey limestone cliffs.

But not so good when I was up in the woods on top of the cliffs….

…listening to the racket produced by a nest full of woodpeckers in one of these holes and trying to photograph the adult…

…which was equally noisy in its too-ing and fro-ing, but then clearly put off by my presence quietened down and hung about in the branches near to the nest without actually visiting. When I retreated a few steps it finally flew to the nest, but from my new vantage point I couldn’t see the assertive brood being fed. We have a woodpecker regularly visiting our garden at the moment. Last week the kids found a dead woodpecker in the lane by the house. I think it was a lesser spotted one, the first I’ve seen, but we went back to the house to get the rest of the family, a camera, a field guide and when we returned the bird had gone. The children decided that it hadn’t been dead after all, but I don’t think it flew away with a large and gaping wound in its neck.

This is Bank House Farm:

…and this is the lantern window

…from which in times past a light was shown to warn off ships (or at least that’s what I’ve heard).

If my attempts to photograph the woodpeckers had been less than satisfactory, then at least the faffing involved had delayed me long enough to give me a view of the sunset from the Lots.

Woodpeckers and a Lantern Window

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