Cricket Practice

Meadow crane’s-bill.

On Monday nights A and B have cricket practice. The pitch is just outside the village so we cycle there. Having dropped them off I then go of on my bike before returning to pick them up. A fortnight ago I cycled around to Arnside. Last week I went to Gait Barrows, parked the bike and went for a bit of a walk. Sadly the lady’s-slipper orchids and the lily-of-the-valley are finished for this year. I spent quite some time taking photos of a plant (and the many tiny insects which covered it) which I’ve photographed before, but never managed to identify. The photos are all pretty useless however – it was too dark under the trees.

The plant has masses of creamy white flowers and tight little white buds with a blush of pink. The leaves are thin and deeply divided, almost feathery. A little like a stunted meadowsweet I thought – and when I consulted my books that’s exactly what it was – dropwort. It’s fairly common in this area, I shall endeavour to get a better picture.


Cricket Practice

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