Sweet Chestnut Fly Tree

Or: Fleeting Moments of Wonder II

My colleague and friend S had asked me which way I would walk home and I had described the route over Warton Crag which I had followed the week before, but when I reached Warton I decided to go via Hyning Scout Wood instead. It was warm and shady in the wood. At the end of the wood I carried straight on heading for Cringlebarrow. In the field below Summer House Hill I came across a stately Sweet Chestnut tree, the rough and fissured bark of which was covered with small triangular webs. I stopped, hoping to find the spider which made the webs. The bark was a patchwork of differently hued lichens and absolutely covered by a variety of flies.

Is this a bluebottle?

Sweet Chestnut Fly Tree

2 thoughts on “Sweet Chestnut Fly Tree

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hi David,
      Maybe – there were so many spider’s webs that I couldn’t really miss ’em and when I stopped to look at those I couldn’t really help but notice the flies – there were hundreds of them.

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