Deepdale Badger Sett

Or: Fleeting Moments of Wonder III

Below and to the west of the Open Field Surrounded by Woods (see above) on Cringle barrow is the mysterious hollow of Deepdale. By the pond, or marshy area, at the bottom of Deepdale is a badger sett. I usually swing by, when I’m this way on, to see whether it looks like the sett is occupied.


The areas around the entrances show plenty of evidence of recent digging and no end of footprints – though whether these are badger prints or not – they were all quite indistinct – is hard to say. I read “A Lifetime of Badgers” by Peter Hardy (badger enthusiast and labour MP, later Baron Hardy of Wath) earlier this year and apparently badgers will keep a number of setts in an area, and may move from one sett to another, at times abandoning certain setts. I don’t know where there are others in the area. Sadly I did see a dead badger on the road near Milnthorpe recently.


Many, many years ago I came this way one summer evening and sat hoping to see badgers. I didn’t, but I did see lots of roding woodcock and quite a few red deer. In the trees it’s quite hard to see the setts clearly from any sort of distance.

Deepdale Badger Sett

3 thoughts on “Deepdale Badger Sett

  1. Ron Shirt says:

    I don’t think it is a good idea to publicise the location of Badger Sets. Badger baiters may thank you for the information!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Point taken, I shall be more circumspect in future. I think we may be safe on this occasion however – I’m not sure how you found your way here, but this is a rarely visited page in a rarely visited blog, I can’t think that Badger baiters will be searching through my whaffle to find setts.
      The path is only yards from a public footpath, I imagine it’s location is well known to many people. It isn’t always occupied.

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