The Hay Meadow

Or: Fleeting Moments of Wonder VI

It was a short walk from all the insect action of the woodland ride to the top of Thrang Brow from where the view north to the Lakes is excellent. From there I descended to the Hay Meadows which are part of the Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve.

The flowers were spectacular.

And the (sorrel?) seeds.

There were lots of orchids….

Mainly common spotted orchids…

…but also some northern marsh orchid…

…which were much more purple than this photo suggests.

I also followed, and eventually got photos of…

..this meadow brown.

It took many attempts to get close enough to get this photo. I don’t think my efforts were particularly helped by….

…the yellow rattle which is no longer yellow, but having gone to seed definitely rattles and is abundant here. Any idea I might have had about creeping about inconspicuously were dashed by the rustle I made every time I moved my feet.

There were more orchids by the boardwalk path near Haweswater…

In the small, damp and shady meadow by Haweswater I startled a roe deer. She turned and bounced away. I caught another movement in the corner of my eye and then spotted another, smaller animal staring at the deer from amongst the long dense vegetation. The first thought that crossed my mind was that it was a fox, but then I realised that it was  another roe deer, a fawn, with a darker and duller coat than its mother. I took lots of photos, but only this one…

…which doesn’t show the fawn, was any good.

Another northern marsh orchid.

The Hay Meadow

4 thoughts on “The Hay Meadow

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    It’s probably bad form to start the comments off on my own post but I have a question. One walk over 6 posts – is that annoying. Good, bad or irrelevant?

  2. Good from my viewpoint Mark (in answer to your question). I always enjoy your ‘big country’ landscapes and the many details you discuss, mostly being things I don’t see around here.

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