Glow Worm

I joined a National Trust ranger-led walk on Arnside Knott last Saturday night. The idea was to see bats and glow worms, but it was cold and misty, not good conditions for either. We saw many roding woodcock and a few bats, but it seemed like we might draw a blank on the glow worm front.

But when we dropped down hill at little we did eventually see two glow worms. Not a worm at all, but a beetle, the larval stage lives on the ecotone between woods and grassland, eating snails. During the short adult stage the flightless female climbs a grass stalk and then the end of her abdomen glows green – an attempt to attract a flying male. Apparently between 10 and 11 pm is the best time to see them – a tiny but bright point of light near the ground.

Glow Worm

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