Lindeth Tower

We were joined for a weekend by TBH’s brother Dr A and the three of us, and his niece, (are you following this?) joined one of the organised walks celebrating the bicentenary of the village and taking a look at some of the historic buildings. The stories told were fascinating, and would provide material for many posts, but the ghostly grey lady and the spite walls will have to wait for another time: for me the clear highlight of the walk was being able to satisfy my curiosity about Lindeth Tower. The writer Elizabeth Gaskell used to holiday in the  house…

….of which the tower is …well a folly, or an elaborate summer house, and some of her novels were apparently written, at least partly, in the tower. For this celebratory day a lady playing the part of Mrs Gaskell read some extracts from her letters about Silverdale. In one letter Gaskell described the tower as a Peel Tower and a remnant of the border reivers, which struck me as very odd since it was written only shortly after the tower was built in 1842. Nobody seems very sure why Mr Fleetwood, a banker from Preston, built the tower – was it so that he could look out over the Bay and his investments in shipping? The view is certainly very fine, even on a very grey day…

 Caravans and Arnside Knott.

I like to think that Mr Fleetwood wasn’t up there looking after his pecuniary interests, just enjoying the view and his very own little castle – after all the garden has a high wall around it with at one point steps up to a belvedere…

…where the wall is once again castellated. Perhaps he was just a big kid at heart!

Lindeth Tower

5 thoughts on “Lindeth Tower

  1. I’ve not read any of Mrs Gaskell but she seems to have had an interesting life. There can’t have been many ladies with the middle name of Cleghorn.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’ve only read Cranford, in part I must admit because I assumed that it must be about Carnforth when in fact Cranford is based on Knutsford in Cheshire. I read it when I spent a day on a day-ward having an iron infusion, which used to be a regular thing, now hopefully behind me, although I shall miss the opportunity it gave to read a novel in one sitting. I enjoyed Cranford, but not enough to have sort-out any more of Mrs Gaskell’s novels.

  2. I would be grateful if you could confirm whether or not you wish to remain a member of the ‘UK & Eire Natural History Bloggers’ network.

    We have closed our account with The home page for the network is now

    Please email uknhb (at) for further info. Thanks!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      How exciting! The view from the top is great. The ghost was somewhere else – to be honest, I don’t remember where. I hope you have an enjoyable stay, you’ll have lots of lovely walking on the doorstep.

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