Lichen and….Rose of Sharon?

A walk in Eaves Wood, the day after our encounter with Mrs Gaskell (yes, I know I’m even further behind than usual).  Typically, there was much nattering for the adults and enthusiastic tree climbing for the kids (and Dr A).

I found this lichen on a tree stump. Sheila once commented here about the frustration of being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none when it comes to identifying flora and fauna. Lichen is one of the areas in which I can’t even claim to be a jack-of-all-trades. I did once borrow a book on lichens from the library, but didn’t really feel much better equipped to identify them as a result. So I will, for now at least, content myself with dumb admiration.

I’m getting better with flowers, but this low shrub has me confused (again!). Although it is superficially a little like tutsan, the leaves and flowers aren’t quite right. So – another Saint John’s Wort then: rose of sharon? But ‘The Wildflower Key’ tells me that the flowers of rose of sharon are solitary. And these don’t look very solitary to me….

So – stumped again.

Lichen and….Rose of Sharon?

11 thoughts on “Lichen and….Rose of Sharon?

  1. From another jack-of-no-trades where lichens are concerned, I’d call that one Elves’ Castles. (One I actually have found and know is the Scarlet Elf Cup so there is a precedent for such fancifulness – oh no, wait a minute, that’s fungus. Blast!)
    I especially like that first photo though – very fairy tale.

  2. Not Rose of Sharon, I fear, but I know not what it is – we are having trouble ourselves with identifying similar flowers from our recent Maritime Alps trip.
    Good luck!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hi Martin,
      Yes – not sure where I go from here. Still waiting for Plant Recognition Software – I think I might not have to wait to long.

  3. Very much enjoyed catching up with your postings, Mark. Some interesting identity questions. I’ve given up on trying to work out what everything is, but it’s good fun trying for a while. Your ‘Giant Bellflower’ is quite different to the ones we see in the Alps.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Sheila,
      Clearly my education is lacking here – I have many gaps to fill before I can claim jack-of-all-trades status! I like Pixie Cup Lichen too and when time is available I shall be looking into Cladonian sp.

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