Porth Towyn


Just back from our annual camping trip with friends at Towyn Farm near the village of Tudweiliog on the Lleyn Peninsula. I did do some walking whilst we were away, but the centre of our world for most of the week were the wonderful beaches of Porth Towyn.


We did all of the things you might expect: played cricket and tennis; filled buckets with water, sand, pebbles, shells, shore crabs, fish or shrimps; dug holes, built castles and fortifications and then waited for the tide to destroy them; we barbecued salmon and toasted marshmallows.


And then there was the sea: we paddled, swam, body-boarded and body-surfed, messed about in boats, jumped waves and even found time for a little snorkelling.


The rock-pooling was particularly fine. As well as the bucket full of shore crabs, we caught blennies, five-bearded rocklings, father lashers and one rock goby, none of which, sadly, I have photos of because I’m a bit wary about taking my camera to the beach. (Most of these photos were taken with TBH’s camera.)


It transpires that B has a real talent for spotting and catching rock-pool life.

I’ve snorkelled here before, and was surprised by how many fish I saw, but this time, if anything, surpassed that previous occasion. I saw many fish of a many shapes and sizes: shoals of tiny sprats and many larger fish, which, no-fisherman, I couldn’t put names too. A bit of lazy research (i.e. online)  leads me to believe that perhaps I saw a single black bream (although a relatively small example thereof) , and perhaps the largest fish I saw, long and pale, was pollock – although I only saw it briefly before it shot away. The most numerous fish were brown and yellow striped fish which were in and out amongst the seaweed and didn’t seem too concerned with my presence – I think that these were ballan wrasse.

The kids were keen for me to snorkel in a large and deep rock pool and as the tide came back into it I did. I felt like I was being bitten – like insect bites – whilst I was in there and I emerged with numerous tiny see-through slug like creatures clinging to me and blood flowing from a couple of places on my back – any ideas what theses mini-vamps might be?

The adult in the photos above is fellow-blogger and long-time partner in crime the Shandy Sherpa who will no doubt post his own version of events at some points.

Porth Towyn

4 thoughts on “Porth Towyn

  1. How bizarre. I’ve just got back from camping at Tudweiliog as well. I’d never been before but the parents of one of my son’s friends were camping at Porth y Scaddyn. I was walking along Towyn beach on Saturdy afternoon. Good pub in the village. I learnt how to say Cwrw Eryri from the girl behind the bar. Took a few visits to get it right!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It’s a small world…but you wouldn’t want to paint it!
      We were on the beach on Saturday afternoon, but we tend to head for the little coves at the eastern end, and in fact with the tide very low we had worked our way even further east where the rock-pools are particularly rich.

  2. Ah the memories! My version of events will have to wait till I get back from France. Absolutely top notch few days – can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather

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