Our Summer Abroad – Travelling Down

Dover Beach

Dover is a pretty splendid place in the sunshine. The castle, the cliffs and the surrounding downs all look worthy of further exploration.

Bock casemate

The Bock casemate – part of Luxembourg’s fortifications – proved to be a good place to explore in some less desirable weather. I remember enjoying the tunnels and passages here when I visited many, many years ago, that time on the way to my first visit to Switzerland. Since then even more passages have been opened to the public.

Our Summer Abroad – Travelling Down

3 thoughts on “Our Summer Abroad – Travelling Down

  1. Dover is a much nicer place than you would think. We visited when I was a kid and I can confirm the castle was great and view across the channel to France from the Downs with all the ships/ferries was an exciting prospect. We caught the ferry from there last year but it was chucking it down with rain so no chance to enjoy the delights

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We only scratched the surface but I think that there’s proabably a good weekend’s worth of nice sttuff to do there.

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