The Vosges – Our Summer Abroad part 2

P8110050 Saulxures-sur-Moselotte


We rented a large old farmhouse from the local baker. Their loaves with lardons and cheese in were delicious. As were the greengages and mirabelles. Early in the week it rained a fair bit. The kids were happy playing together in the house – in fact, by the end of the week my nephew had decided that henceforth we should all live there together. The trees were full of jays and woodpeckers. We watched roe deer and buzzards from our windows.


The shady areas under the trees were home to large, colourful and varied fungi.

Fly agaric

In the sunshine there were myriad flowers…

Wild pansy

And butterflies….

Silver-washed fritillary? Wild pansies

Many of them unfamiliar…


…but stunning.


I suppose the views were hardly dramatic, but the walking was very pleasant.


..with plenty to see…

Shield bug P8100039 P8100043 Scotch argus P8110077 P8110084

I’ve been to the Vosges once before and I’d like to go back again – preferably to walk one of the Grand Randonnees that pass this way.

The Vosges – Our Summer Abroad part 2

6 thoughts on “The Vosges – Our Summer Abroad part 2

  1. Bit brief mate! No pictures of the cottage or the rest of the Richards clan 🙂

    I take it you had a great time. I thought the Vosges was really nice when we passed through last year. Lots of interesting stuff to see and do. Hopefully get the lowdown when we next see you.

    Loved the fungographs!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      TBH will tell you that I don’t take people pictures. I’ll fill you in, remind me to tell you about the fantasticable – think you might like it!

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