Dover Castle

Dover Castle 2

Having had a dreadful journey down from Lancashire to the south coast, stuck in heavy traffic every inch of the way, we decided to drive back overnight. This also gave us a chance to spend an afternoon at Dover Castle, and since we love castles this was ideal.

An afternoon really isn’t long enough however. There’s a fabulous keep to explore…


…and battlements, medieval tunnels, WW2 tunnels, a church, a pharos (a roman lighthouse) and quite possibly a great deal more.

The keep has been decorated and furnished inside to look as it might have done when King Henry II (who built the keep) lived here. Inside there were re-enactments underway and we joined Henry and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine for a meal.

There’s a terrific view from the top of the keep too, with Dover and the Channel spread out below and the downs and the white-cliffs rising around Dover.

Dover Castle

4 thoughts on “Dover Castle

  1. I walked from Folkestone to Dover Castle which was a surprisingly energetic walk where, at one point, you are quite literally walking right along the cliff face which sacred the pants off me!!

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    I have to say that I cam away with a very favourable impression of Dover and a feeling that as well as a return to the Castle, I’d like to come back to this area to do some walking. We had fabulous fish and chips in Folkestone after our trip to the castle.

  3. Last couple of years we’ve stopped over in France on first/last night’s trips. I think we need give Dover a full or half day in future. The White Cliffs area is NT owned and I’m told the Coastguard Station/Lighthouse is fascinating

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