Jersey – The Channel Island Way V

Coastal path

Less to report about our final afternoon’s walk – which is slightly odd because the north coast (where we was!)  – less populous, higher and craggier then the other coasts – is the part of the path which appeals to me most and which I would really like to go back and explore further.

It was a short walk with a modicum of up and down.

North coast

This is the closest part of the coast to the other islands…


…particularly Sark. Which brings me to an aspect of the Channel Island Way which I haven’t touched on yet: the other islands! Whilst Alan and I only experienced a flavour of what Jersey has to offer, the Channel Island Way has sections on Guernsey, Sark, Alderney and Herm too. Usually on a long distance footpath you might expect to start at point A and progress to Z via B, C, D etc. or possibly begin at A and eventually return to A, but the CIW is a little more complex. I suppose, on the downside, that this might add to the cost somewhat and necessitate a little extra logistical effort, but I can’t help thinking that the opportunity to indulge in a little island hopping would only add to the charm of the whole enterprise.

La Tete de Plemont

 La Tete de Plemont


Another plant I don’t usually see – a fumitory. I don’t know which, probably common fumitory.


We finished our walk with a descent to a cafe (just for a tea – more grub would have to wait a while, on the subject of which, Alan has now posted a photo of his epic lunch. And if you think that’s big – you should see what he ordered for dinner. It was a burger, but of Cow Pie proportions. I kid you not, the waiter was sniggering when he brought it, and practically weeping when he had to get the block and tackle out again to get most of it back to the kitchen).


Alan’s evening meal.

Anyway, I digress, the cafe was perched just above what I suspect would have been another fine beach, but the tide was in. The was just enough time, before the limo arrived, to pop down to the water’s edge and get splashed by the incoming waves.

Waves - La Greve au Lanchon 

They weren’t huge.

More waves 

But big enough to provide a little sport…

Aussie lifeguard surfing 

…for the local lifeguard…

More surfing action

….although I believe that Jersey’s lifeguards aren’t local at all, but are shipped in from Australia. Why? Because that’s were the the best trained lifeguards are found. Which is a neat little metaphor for what Jersey has to offer – a little bit of the best of everything!

Jersey – The Channel Island Way V

7 thoughts on “Jersey – The Channel Island Way V

  1. You are spot on with your summing up of what Jersey has to offer: “a little bit of the best of everything!”

    I have to say, I was more than a little taken aback at the size of The Inn’s ‘Full House’ Burger… I had finally bitten off more than I could chew….

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Frankly, it was ridiculous – I have a big appetite, but I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to eat that much in one sitting – it did occur to me that our witty waiter might have urged the kitchen to ‘over egg the pudding’ for comic effect?

  2. says:

    Aarghhh…you guys are still talking about food!

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this wee trip…now itching to do some coastal walking again…as long as I can plot a route with a sufficient supply of RESTAURANTS!

    I know it was an expenses paid trip but sending the lifeguard back for a take-away might have been stretching the hospitality a bit too far.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Whilst we were on the path (and we did manage to fit in a modicum of walking) I noticed Alan spying ouy bivvy sights. I have this wonderful image of him walking the route, sleeping in gaps in the gorse in the rough coastal scrub, but then arriving at meal times at swish Jersey eateries, emptying the sand out of his pockets, brushing the grass out of his hair and going in looking completely dapper and living the high live!

      1. That thought had crossed my mind… It think a little stealth camping would be lovely – trouble is, the island’s tiny and I would imagine the cliff paths are a dog walker’s paradise, so you would definitely be camping late,after the restaurant / pub and then be up very early…. oooh.. maybe not then…
        Would probably be okay along the north coast though… and there is the Devil’s Hole pub, that should be checked out there too…

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      The waves weren’t huge when we there, but I suspect that at times thy may well be much more impressive – and since the island is so small I assume you could choose a beach facing the appropriate direction to maximise or minimise the waves accordingly.

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