Every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth

Hoverfly on ivy flower

After one particularly punishing, protracted period of profuse precipitation I proposed, to my precocious progeny, a peregrination, a perambulation, a postdiluvial promenade to the Pepper Pot.

Only A took me up on the offer. We went to Eaves Wood, did all the usual things: climbed trees (her), photographed drips as they dangled from twigs and leaves (me) and watched a soaring raven from a vantage point on Castlebarrow (both of us). But what will stay in my mind are the creepy-crawlies we saw in the hedgerows before we’d left the village, particularly a thrumming patch of ivy where the ugly bug ball* seemed to be in full swing.

Not, of course, that any of the assembled minibeasts were actually ugly. Certain species seemed to predominate. There were lots of these handsome hoverflies…


…of I don’t know which species, but I am pretty sure that they are imitating honey-bees.


There were a few bees too but they never rested for long and were consequently much harder to satisfactorily photograph.

These black and orange flies were also plentiful…

Mesembrina meridiana 

They’re easier to identify too, with those distinctive bases to their wings. These are the fly mesembrina meridiana.

This fastidious chap was cleaning his visog…


…before giving his hands a good wash….


Or maybe he was jiving?



Look Dad 

A little further on A spotted something more conventionally beautiful…

Small tortoiseshell on buddleia

Small tortoiseshell.

But nearby was this Cyrano of the insect world…

Rhingia campestris

rhingia campestris.

Not all of the bugs were enjoying the party however…

Come into my parlour...

* Click on the link – it’s Burl Ives!

Every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth

9 thoughts on “Every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Pertinent point! Priceless! Perfect! It’s a great word that Danny, I used to share a flat with two members (the only two) of a band called Pulchritude. You’ve never heard of them? Well..no, they didn’t ever perform beyond the confines of the flat as far as I know.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well “Not this time” brings back the taste of Sweetheart Stout – was it Torridon in the cretaceous period? As to the existence or otherwise of Burl Ives – you’ve lost me there. (That link was solely there for you benefit I must admit). Did I claim that you were imagining him? I thought we watched an obscure Western together and I was flabbergasted that you recognised one of the actors was Burl Ives. So Burl Ives for me is a sort of shorthand for your encyclopaedic knowledge of really obscure trivia. (Never play this man at Trivial Pursuits folks. Never play our Yorkshire friends either – they cheat!). I’m still waiting for “Who played Paul Newman’s mate in Cool Hand Luke” to come up as a question in a pub quiz after you stunned me with that titbit many years ago.

  1. 10 points to me then. Ullapool, early 1990’s. Me, you and George got through over 100 cans of Tennants lager, thousands of prizes yet every ring-pull said…..

    “Not this time”

    It was also the trip of rugby in the mud and rubber gloves – I await further Carry-On style comments

    You always said I made Burl Ives up in a pathetic attempt to decry my superior trivia knowledge. Not that it’s something I’m proud of. The space these trivial facts take up would have been better employed in remembering more important things, like my tax return that I got fined for. Or……

    What was the name of the actor that played the suave gent in the “SCHHHS – Schweppes adverts in the 1970’s……

    You hated me knowing that one as well

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Rubber gloves? Nope – it’s escaped me that one. Should I ask? Must be all the tennants we drank which has so depleted my old grey cells. Who are you anyway?

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