Backlit autumn bramble leaf

A Friday night commute at the tail-end of our recent Indian Summer. I stayed on the train as far as Arnside and walked along the the promenade and then beside the river for a while. The tide had been very high that afternoon and had left the path covered in several inches of liquid mud, so I decided to climb away from the estuary and up and over Arnside Knott.

Small tortoiseshell on ragwort

The sky was an electric blue and and I was mentally rubbing my hands together with glee at the prospect of all the lovely autumnal colour photos I would take in the woods.

Silver birch, Arnside Knott

But then it clouded up. Not to worry – it was a good leg-stretcher none-the-less. And the next day I was back in Arnside with the boys at an ‘apple day’. It was hot again.


There were various apple-related events and stalls, but it was watching the lads apple-bobbing which I shall remember.

Apple-bobbing 2

B isn’t even very fond of apples, but he was determined to get one – despite, or perhaps because, of how wet he got in the process.

Got one!


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