A Wet Weekend


A bit of a view from the Pepper Pot.

The payback for having lush green countryside on all sides is that now and again it rains. It can be a bit of a drag, but it’s particularly galling when you have a houseful of guests looking forward to exploring all of the places you’ve been whittling on about at great length at every opportunity. I suppose the sensible thing to do might have been to stop indoors and play games, drink tea, tinkle on the old Joanna, play ‘old anecdote bingo’, drink more tea etc. Which we did for a while at least. But we also dragged the kids out for some fresh air and a good dousing in the great outdoors.

On the Saturday we climbed to the Pepper Pot, walked through Eaves Wood to Waterslack and then around Haweswater.


Earthball explosion – although you can’t see it here, the ground all around this tree trunk was also covered in small brown fungal balls.


Rest stop by Haweswater.

The weather was damp and grey without being especially vile.

On Sunday (when I took no photos at all), we climbed Arnside Knott via Heathwaite and back by Arnside Tower and Eaves Wood again. The rain was more persistent, and out of the shelter of the woods where a cold wind was driving the rain, it was especially vile. From Arnside Knott where a fabulous view of the Lakeland fells might be expected, we could see nothing because we were in the cloud.

Despite the best efforts of the weather to spoil it however the weekend, seemed to be a great success and will hopefully become another regular feature in our annual round of get-togethers. Perhaps we will remember it more for the catching-up and the take-away curry, but next time the sun is going to shine. Honest.

A Wet Weekend

13 thoughts on “A Wet Weekend

    1. We are thinking of “Top 100 Anecdotes” for our next get together – like one of those crap C4 programmes.

      “So who was it who drank too much on New Years Eve 1985 and ended up cuddling the toilet in sub-zero tempertaures in his pants – find out after the break”

      Before Mark steps in – it was me 🙂

      1. beatingthebounds says:

        Thanks for choosing that one – I saw the words ‘New Year’s Eve’ and thought you were out to embarrass me. Phew!

    2. beatingthebounds says:

      I like to have my cake and eat it on this one – I enjoy both the oft repeated stories themselves (and I’m probably a principal culprit in rehashing them on a regular basis), but also the ironic commentary like the anecdote bingo.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I suggest ‘I Like Short Songs’ by the Dead Kennedys. Lyrics: ‘I like short songs’ (x13) or ‘The Punchline’ by the Minutemen both of which come in at well under a minute.

  1. […] Satisfied that we’d had least had some fresh air we returned to the warmth of chez ED and took full advantage or his bounteous generosity, drank his tea and ate his food. The walking round these part is some of my favourite in the UK with limitless treasures of forests, nature reserves, small hills, rocky outcrops and coastline. I’ve had some cracking days out here with ED and our extended family of friends as it’s perfect for the kids to explore. I love my adopted home in Herefordshire but if I did ever feel like moving this is one of the few areas I would move to. It was a real shame that the weather was so poor but we all had a really terrific weekend regardless. Sometimes just watching the kids play together and enjoying good company is it’s own reward. A real big thank-you has to go ED, his lovely wife and kids for letting us invade his home for the weekend and making us all so welcome. If you do want to find out more about the area then I suggest you look through some of the many posts on ED’s blog, Beating the Bounds. A great read from a blog veteran. You can read his version of events here […]

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