Kent Estuary Dolphin

On Arnside Knott

Another half-term stroll, this time for all of the family, which began in Eaves Wood, took us past Arnside Tower and then over the Knott. On the Knott the kids enjoyed the variety of finding some new trees to climb…

Arnside Knott tree climbing 

It was a cloudy day, but the Lakeland fells were mostly clear, and we certainly had better views than on our previous visit with friends a few weeks back. In fact, over Dunmail Raise we could even pick-out Skiddaw in the Northern Lakes.

Big stick 

From the Knott we dropped down to the shores of the Kent estuary where we in for a bit of a surprise. Something floating in the river….

Object in Kent Estuary 

….a dolphin (or porpoise I don’t know which).

A dolphin? 

It must, I think, have been a young one – it was around a metre long. And decidedly dead. Although passers-by were asking whether somebody should be rung to come and attempt a rescue – it was clearly too late for that. I’ve never seen a dolphin or a porpoise in the wild. How sad that my first encounter should be with a prematurely dead youngster.

Evening light on the Row

After tea and cake in the bakery on the promenade, we caught a train back to Silverdale station. From there TBH and the boys used the shuttle bus service to get home, whilst A and I walked across the fields. The sun had sunk below the blanket of cloud and briefly suffused everything with a warm golden glow.

Kent Estuary Dolphin

9 thoughts on “Kent Estuary Dolphin

  1. Shame your first sighting was a dead one. Me and GM were out paddling the kayaks just off the beach at Berwick one year and one swam around us about 20 feet away. It was way bigger than I thought and a little disconcerting but a magic moment

  2. There’s a wonderful spot just a few miles from me where dolphins are regularly spotted. In fact it is apparently the best place in the UK to see them, however despite this, anytime I have paid a visit, they don’t come out for me. I have seen several porpoises and plenty of seals but still await my first dolphin sighting. Your encounter sounds amazing Andy.

    1. It was a real surprise, we’d seen them out in the bay and paddled out to take a look expecting they’d be long gone but then they put on a little show. They only surfaced 2 or 3 times next to the boat but it was still great. In the days before I had a waterproof camera alas. No idea whether it was a dolphin or a porpoise, It was at least 1.5-2m long so I guessed a dolphin on the assumption they are big and porpoises are small but I could be wrong

    2. beatingthebounds says:

      Would that be on the Moray Firth? My parents saw dolphins there several times (sorry!) whilst on a holiday there. It sounds like you have the same sort of luck that I do – the otters, bearded tits, bitterns and ospreys of Leighton Moss all continue to elude me.

  3. kenny says:

    I’ve only come across a beastie of that type once – it was a porpoise, or so I was told, but much smaller than I imagined. We found it well up the River Forth almost as far as Stirling where we were building a bridge over the river. Sadly, like yours, it was dead…likely strayed to far upstream and couldn’t find it’s way back. The bridge site was at the limit of the river’s tidal range. A few times a year a small bore (less than 1m high) would come charging up the river towards the bridge – quite a sight.

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