Hi Gear Thermal Baselayer – First Look

Hi Gear Men's Thermal Baselayer Long Sleeved Top

More gear to review from Go Outdoors. This time a Hi Gear Men’s Thermal Baselayer Long Sleeved Top and Hi Gear Long John Thermal Baselayer Leggings. Both of which cost a mere £4.99 (and you can get 10% discount with a Go Outdoors discount card).

Actually in this case I can do more than a first look, having worn the top three times and the long-johns twice (much to TBH’s amusement). On one of those occasions I gave them a very stern test, as you shall see.

I already had a cheap set of thermals, bought online for much the same price and expected that these would be much the same. Mostly they are – warm, comfortable and very functional. Being 50% polyester they are very warm and seem to generate quite a quantity of liquid from somewhere. (No, no, it’s got nothing to do with me.) Being 50% cotton that moisture tends to be retained rather than wicking away. I find that this isn’t much of an issue until I stop and cool down a little – and then I can become very aware of being damp and can then get cold. Having said that, my impression is that these thermals are better in this respect than my old ones.

Now: the Stern Test. Purely in the interests of science you understand, I immersed the long-johns in the kind of boggy hollow endemic to the Pennine moors. Whilst wearing them. In order to do that I first had to break the ice which covered, some might even say concealed, said bog. Did the thermals keep me warm? Well no: to say that would be to claim too much. I didn’t really feel warm again until I’d spent several hours indoors in numerous layers of warm and dry clothes. But, the performance of the soaking long-johns really surprised me – my legs felt warm and comfortable to a much greater extent than, in the circumstances, I thought they had any right to do.

So – a big thumbs up from me. At the price – excellent value for money.

Go Outdoors range of thermal baselayers can be found here.

Hi Gear Long John Thermal Baselayer Leggings

Hi Gear Thermal Baselayer – First Look

2 thoughts on “Hi Gear Thermal Baselayer – First Look

  1. I never thought I would witness the photographs of a chap’s shreddies at this place. But, by the sound of it, they are indeed fine shreddies.

    At swim two birds: A classic. Have you tried “The Third Policeman”?

    Tell me about “Findings” – Worth a read?

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Up and coming posts: Y-fronts or Boxers – you decide! Umm – hopefully this will be a first and last time!
    “The Third Policeman” is another favourite of mine.
    “Findings” is wide-ranging, sort of linked essays. I really enjoyed it. Send me your address Alan and I’ll stick it in the mail.

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