Pearly dewdrops’ drops


I haven’t been out as much as I would like of late: daylight has been in short supply, and one way or another I’ve been very busy. There have been a few short jaunts. One morning, when the fields were white with frost, I found that under the trees of Eaves Wood the temperature was a little higher, too warm for ice, and the wood was full of the music of falling drops.

Up to that point I’d been fair stomping along (by my own modest standards) but the drops encouraged me to loiter. I’ve photographed drops in Eaves Wood on several occasions before. Mostly I’ve been fascinated by the refracted images in the droplets, the apparent self-contained worlds, like one of those snow-globe paperweight things, but this time I found myself watching the droplets slowly gather and develop, growing from shallow curves into increasingly pendulous drops. This droplet…


….is the same one as in the first photo, but it has begun to oscillate: bouncing and stretching under it’s own weight shortly before plopping down onto the leaf-litter below. Hence, I think, the additional distortion of the inverted trees in the droplet.


Whilst I was absorbed in this way, I think that the sun must have risen – the hint of pink behind this droplet is a cloud tinted by morning sunshine.


P.S. If you came this way looking for the Cocteau Twins, I hope that you weren’t too disappointed.

Pearly dewdrops’ drops

8 thoughts on “Pearly dewdrops’ drops

  1. Where the Fatdog Walks says:

    Last one blown up is a stunner.

    Did you do something similar a couple of years back Mark? I seem to remember a real cracker on the blog.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😀

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Ken,
      Your memory serves you right – in fact it’s become another one of my many obsessions, but because really wet conditions often coincide with low light many of the photos I have taken have been very poor.
      Seasons greetings to you too Ken.

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