Turned Out Nice Again.


It rained and it rained and then it rained some more for good measure. Here in the North-Wet we made copious cups of tea and quietly went about the business of evolving webbed feet and gills. It seems in retrospect, that we did very well to grab such a stunning day back before Christmas and even the walk over Whin Rigg and Illgill Head, with it’s unfortunate mud-skating incident, at least stayed much drier than many days have of late.

And then suddenly – some proper winter weather: cold, clear, crisp and frosty. Sadly, I’m still in no fit state to take full advantage – those lucky people who were walking in the Lakes, or North Wales and probably the Dales must have had a grand day. (I’ve seen some photos from the Glyders and a report from the Southern Uplands where the weather was cloudy, but eventually cleared. The Pieman was abroad in the Pennines, and a couple of friends from the village were, separately, walking near Ulswater and tell me that it was very fine, but I haven’t seen anything on t’interweb yet from the Lakes.)

Anyroad up, we didn’t miss out completely. On Saturday the kids went to Dalton Zoo with their grandparents. I had work to do, but in the afternoon TBH and I drove up to Bowness where we had a short stroll along the lake shore and then went for afternoon tea at the home of the world’s most expensive pudding (which amazingly, at £22,000, has now sold). The afternoon tea is a bit cheaper than that.

Sunday morning was clear and frosty again and I tried, in vain, to tempt the ankle-biters to come out to witness the sunrise.


Maybe they knew more than they were letting on. The moon was clear and bright in the western sky, but without climbing to a vantage point, which I didn’t want to do because of my ankle, I could see that the sun had risen, but couldn’t actually see the sun!


I know…a little more patience was required.

Still, I like to get out whilst everything is coated in frost…

P1152337 P1152341

Later we were in Arnside. The boys and I had a walk along the promenade…

Arnside viaduct P1151101

Ammendment: of course there was a blogger out in the Lakes.

And – a back-packing trip from Snowdonia with stunning views and cute ponies to boot.

Turned Out Nice Again.

9 thoughts on “Turned Out Nice Again.

  1. Any consolation I was laid up with a gastric virus over the weekend (still am) so I wasn’t able to get out either. Very jealous of all the blogs I read over the weekend while I was feeling sorry for myself.

    Love the last couple of photos. If you like rime covered stuff, I’m quite proud of my xmas photos from a few years back

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      ……………no………still no.
      No, I’ve given it a moment to sink in and it just isn’t making me feel any better at all.
      That sounds foul btw, I hope that you’re feeling better now.
      I’m keeping myself cheerful by planning ahead – a bit of a walk with A (and maybe B – and anyone else that wants to join us) in the summer. And – I’ve discovered that the YHA have a cheap room and a meal sale (£29 for a family room and an evening meal before the end of Feb – that’s for everyone not each) and I’m hoping that we’ll go to Conwy to do Great Orme and the Castle. (Only slight hitch – the family rooms at Conwy are for 4).

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          Excellent – I’ve got around the booking difficulties I had, thanks to the asistance of a nice lady at Conwy YH and our little trip away is now booked. Just need the weather now – tall order in Wales in February, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I don’t think guilt is at all appropriate – whilst I’m stuck inside I have at least been able to read about your exploits in the great outdoors!

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