Chucking Stones

Chucking stones

We were out again on Sunday. It was overcast and gloomy. We were joined by some friends for a potter around to the Cove, where we bumped into some more friends. Rocks were scaled, the smelly cave was visited and many, many stones were thrown: some were slender, smooth and rounded, perfect for skimming elegantly across the pond-calm surface of the water, but most were great lumps of rock lobbed high to provide maximum splash. Beached detritus, flotsam and jetsam, was refloated and comprehensively bombed.

A couple of herons remained primed on the rocks nearby, despite the hullabaloo. A trio of red-breasted mergansers rowed serenely past, understandably steering a course that kept them well off-shore.

A welcome return of the photo project series of posts over on must be this way, has seen Andy discussing the merits of figures in (mountain) landscapes. Clearly, this isn’t a mountain scene, and I make no claims for it as a photo, but it will serve to remind me of a cold and potentially dreary couple of hours which the kids enjoyed enormously.

Chucking Stones

10 thoughts on “Chucking Stones

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well, let’s see – 5 of us, 2 extra sprigs we picked-up from a friend’s house, then another 4 friends we met at the Cove, so 11 all told. Maybe two of those eleven were too dignified to throw stones, so I reckon nine rock chuckers altogether.

  1. Simple pleasures. Had a couple of weekends down at my parents caravan in late season and we spend hours down by the river chucking/skimming stones, bombing sticks and collpasing the banks on the beach

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I saw the photos and the film. I’m often reminded, when the kids want to throw stones, of the huge amounts of time I must have idled away on Scottish trips bunging stones into water – or at Uncle Fester.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Apart from anything else I’m please to have a picture of A in that hat – she lives in it at the moment, even indoors (we do have the central heating on – honest).

  2. Amazing how universal the temptation to throw stones is, isn’t it?

    Couldn’t get kids to backpack without the reward of stopping at streams once every hour or so to throw stones in the rivers and creeks.

  3. yep, my kids love it too. I tried to be too clever and get a different angle on the last set of pics, and faced them as they threw their stones over my head. Things were going well and I got a couple of very interesting shots until my youngest daughter mis-threw her shot and it sailed right by my ear.

  4. beatingthebounds says:

    Ooh – I was wincing in anticipation there, I thought the stones were going to be sailing into your face. It sounds like you might have had a lucky escape!

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