The Three Lochs Way

A' Chrois 

Loch Lomond, A’ Chrois on the Beinn Narnain ridge and the hydro power station.

The second day of our Scottish getaway began with a great deal more promise than the first had. To my great surprise, Geordie Munro had somehow been persuaded to drop his plan to bag the Corbett Beinn an Lochain from the Rest and be Thankful pass, and he and the rest of the party had all decided to head for Ben Vane, thus fitting in with JB’s desire to grab one of the few remaining missing summits on his second round of the Munros. The rest of the party that is, excepting S and myself who were once again looking for a gentler alternative. We had a cunning plan: join the others on the track up from Loch Lomond towards Loch Sloy, but then divert southwards over a pass and into Glen Loin which would take us down to Arrochar on the shores of Loch Long and a pub which S seemed to be quite excited about visiting. At the Inveruglas car park we discovered that this is the first leg of the Three Lochs Way, and according to the information board, about 10km in length.

Ben Vane 

Views on much of the walk were impeded by Pylons, sub-stations and other power station paraphernalia. This shot was a rare opportunity to get a photo without them intruding. With that caveat, this was a nice little walk and judging from the number of people we met coming the other way, quite popular.


At the top of the pass we stopped for another brew and had just finished savouring it when the sleet arrived. It continued to rain on and off as we walked down Glen Loin. Another rainbow day.

Loin Water and Loch Long

By the time we reached Arrochar, it was brightening up again and I really enjoyed the walk through the village. We didn’t see the sea eagles which apparently can occasionally be spotted here, but there were cormorants sitting proudly on buoys and several pairs of eider ducks, which I’ve rarely seen before and which are very handsome. (No decent photos, sadly.)

Loch Long and a delapidated pier 

A return visit to this area is definitely on the cards, partly because…

The Cobbler 

…I’ve never climbed Ben Arthur (an unfortunate oversight which clearly needs to be put right)..

Loch Long 

Loch Long View

Bonnie N'Bitter 

…and because S was quite right to be excited about the Village Inn in Arrochar. We grabbed the prime spot by an open fire again and enjoyed a few pints and the Ireland versus France six-nations match on the telly. I was going to order something healthy to eat too, maybe soup, perhaps the Cullen Skink from the Special’s Board, but as you can probably tell from his impish grin in the photo above, S had other plans and when the waitress took our order he used hypnotism to force me to plump for the mixed grill. Nasty trick that. He almost bamboozled me into ordering a ginormous sundae too, but I resisted that temptation. See, I’m strong-willed me.

Another Loch Long view 

It had turned into a cracking afternoon and I couldn’t help but feeling a little jealous of the others and the views they must have been enjoying, especially since, unlike the Tarmachan ridge which I’d missed out on the day before, I’ve never been up Ben Vane. (Andy’s posts of the weekend, when he gets round to them will be well worth a read I suspect.)

The Village Inn Arrochar

Still, it was a great weekend, the sun shined (at times), the same old, old stories were polished, rehashed and giggled at all over again, old friends were caught-up with, I rediscovered my inner beer-monster (who very rarely makes an appearance these days) , and I very much enjoyed my two low-level walks with S. Fine times!

The Three Lochs Way

7 thoughts on “The Three Lochs Way

  1. It was indeed a top-drawer weekend as always and pleased you got something out of it. Must have been frustrating especially on the Sunday although the views across the Loch where we picked you up were as good as the ones we had from Ben Vane. I’ll try and get the posts up this week but my photos are up on Flickr if you want a taster

    At least you’d enjoyed your afternoon judging by your extremely “happy” state when we picked you up 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’ve already previewed your pics – very good they are too. And yes, I managed to make the most of what I could do. Cheers for booking it!

  2. You’ve captured that fabulous spring light. The inner beer monster needs an airing every now & then. I’d have held my ground, though and had the Cullen Skink… and then moved on to the mixed grill. You would have walked off the calories and the beer will have flushed the fats from your arteries.

  3. Those photos look lovely and thanks for the link to the Three Lochs Way. I’m sorry you’re having such a long haul then after your ankle sprain. I don’t really know what to expect from my ankle after the cast comes off (this Friday), although I have been told I’m due six weeks of physio. So I’m currently seeking out some less hilly ideas (like possibly the Three Lochs Way), in case it’s going to be a longer haul than I was imagining.
    Interesting that comment about hypnotism…I think someone’s hypnotising me into eating extra chocolate while I can’t walk it off…

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’d never heard of the Three Lochs Way before that morning. I’m all in favour of the proliferation of LDPs. I’d reccomend St. Cuthbert’s Way as a mainly low-level one with plenty of interest.
      I hope that your physio is as good as the one I’m going back to see tomorrow – he was really thorough and gave me what seemed like good advice. Caution is a must I think – last time I badly injured my ankle (fell of a log bridge at the remote end of Loch Mullardoch) I injured it again playing five-a-side footbal 6 months later and found myself almost back at square one. (I thought I had recovered, but it just collapsed under me as I ran across the pitch.)

  4. Hi Mark, I came here after you left comments on my blog. Great blog with beautiful photos. I’ve added it to my blog list.

    Re: Female Hazel flowers, I only discovered these last year, So many amazing things out there that we can so easily overlook. Alder female flowers are pretty cool too.

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