Sunbiggin Tarn

Upper Eden valley, and the northern pennines

Despite my best efforts to drag it out with endless lengthy brew stops, picnics, constant pauses to take photos and peer at information boards and dry-stone walls etc, my Smardale walk was only about 7 miles and even I struggled to make a day of that. So with the sun still shining I decided to take the scenic route home. Rather then returning the way I’d come, I drove on into Crosby Garrett (through a ford of Scandal Beck – perhaps I should have looked at the map more closely!) and then took the fell road over by Sunbiggin Tarn. Near the high point of the road, I pulled onto the car onto the verge and set-off up an inviting looking path up onto Grange Scar.

Cross Fell, Little Dun Fell, Great Dun Fell 

Not much else to say really.

Limestone moors, Mallerstang edges and Wildboar Fell on the horizon 

The views were terrific.

Northern Howgills 

There’s a whole area here, around Great Asby Scar which I think I must come back to explore more thoroughly.

Sunbiggin Tarn

Sunbiggin Tarn

7 thoughts on “Sunbiggin Tarn

  1. qdant says:

    Hi Mark, just checked M/Map there’s lots to explore indeed, Gamelands stone circle 100yds. circ. one of largest in Cumbria, Castle Folds settlement, Beacon hill Monument, Thunder Stone looks like I’ve a new area to picnic – cheers Danny

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I look forward to reading about your detective work in this area Danny, I suspect it is rich in both interesting ancient sites and good picnic spots.

  2. Those views are lovely – whereabouts are you though? Can you give me a bit more of a clue? I don’t recognise the names and I can’t get upstairs to my OS maps at the moment – all I’ve got handy is a road atlas!

    1. Took me a bit to find it as well. It’s north of the the A685 Tebay to Kirkby Stephen road. Looks like a great area for some low level strolling with cracking views across to the Howgills

      1. beatingthebounds says:

        Thanks Andy, you beat me to it. Chrissie, if you had a gopher who could fetch a map, you’d want OL19. If…
        Views of the Howgills, Cross Fell area, Wildboar Fell, Mallerstang edge and on Great Asby Scar itself I would imagine the Lake District hills too. I can see myself easing my way back into walks with a little more gradient in this area fairly soon.

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