Clifford's Tower

Our attempt to explore Britain a couple of days at a time (and on a budget) continues. Earlier this week we ‘did’ York. I didn’t take many photos – my camera is small, but not pocket size, so not ideal for sight-seeing. The places we visited and things we did: Clifford’s Tower, Jorvik Viking Museum, a ride on the Wheel of York, a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city centre, a walk along the walls incorporating a visit to Micklegate Bar where we all enjoyed trying on replica helmets from different periods (all very heavy), the Railway Museum. We hoped to include a tour of York Minster, but when we realised how much it would cost we decided to leave that until our next visit. There was much debate during our visit about which were our own personal highlights. For me it was just wandering around the Shambles and the other older parts of the town.

We're gonna walk down to Euclid Avenue.... 

On our way over to York we called in on the Adopted Yorkshirewoman (AYW) and her brood in Harrogate . With the sun shining, our brief stop became an extended picnic lunch in their garden and then a short afternoon stroll. All very pleasant. I was particularly excited that we walked along Euclid Avenue, though nobody else seemed to share my delight* (the AYM would surely have understood, but he was away in Knoydart backpacking).

7 spot 

Suburban wildlife.

How not to cross a stile

B and S wilfully misunderstand the purpose of a stile.

*Leaving aside the mathematical importance of Euclid’s Elements and its axiomatic approach, the first English translation is fascinating, both for John Dee’s preface which includes a schematic showing the various branches of mathematics in the 16th Century (Thaumaturgike?) and also because it was arguably the world’s first pop-up book.


4 thoughts on “York

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I think that we may have missed a trick there, the Castle Museum looks well worth a visit. Next time….

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