Wood Ducks

Wood ducks

Since I’m miles behind with the blog, this photo will have to stand in for our (not all that) recent day in Grange. We were there to promenade along the…..er, promenade, the kids whizzing along on their scooters; to swing on the swings; to picnic and throw a frisbee in the park; and to admire the waterfowl in the ornamental gardens, chief amongst them, as far as I’m considered, the wood ducks.

Wood Ducks

6 thoughts on “Wood Ducks

      1. qdant says:

        They’ll be Deaf Ducks then ! saw this lot a few times :-

        Georges hall’s Bradford, Blackburn and Stonehenge.
        Yer what eh ?

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          I saw them once (which might surprise some people) at the Sugar House in Lancaster. Very fine they were too. I don’t remember them playing this excellent cover though. The track that has stuck in my mind was this one:

          Camper Van Beethoven did a mean version of Interstellar Overdrive. I thought they did a mash up: ‘Interstellar Caravan’, Pink Floyd meets Ellington, but apparently that wasn’t them and I can’t work out where I first heard that, but here is a sort of sixties surf version:

          Finally, whilst I’m attempting to embed youtube vids in my comments: my favourite Pink Floyd covers – Easy Star All Stars rerecorded a whole album: Dub Side of the Moon.


          Saw them too – at the Brewery Arts in Kendal.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’m pretty sure that they were real, but it could be some kind of employment scheme – snorkelling NEETS in wooden duck hats perhaps?

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