More Like Fun Than Boring

A Sunday morning, quite some time ago (it’s been a little busy around here). The boys were presented with a choice: Church with Mum or a walk with Dad, and on this occasion they chose the latter. We parked by Challan Hall and walked into the woods around Haweswater. Progress was slow, as the boys found several fallen tree trunks to balance along. Then S was away at speed, scrambling up the side of a small crag. B and I followed. At the top we found a small path – some sort of regular animal path: a shul. We assumed perhaps deer? But then found neat little pits which had been used as latrines, a clear indication that we were following in the footsteps of badgers. Indeed – we managed to find several quite clear footprints too. The boys were very excited. “This is quite good isn’t it B?”. S opined,”More like fun than boring. Better than a walk.”

Even when it started to rain their spirits weren’t dampened. We sheltered under a large yew and watched the shower turn to fierce hail. Between showers we followed the badger trail a little further until eventually we lost it, where it crossed a ‘hooman’ path.

It rained some more, but we sheltered a bit, walked a bit, clambered on rocks. Eventually it brightened up. The boys found a howff, wriggled inside and hid from me….

The howff

Which wasn’t hard, since I was distracted by perhaps my favourite spring thing:

New Birch Leaves 

…new beech leaves after rain.

More birch leaves 

We found the spot where S fell from some rocks and blacked his eye earlier in the year, though he fervently denied that this was the spot: “I fell much further than that!”

We also found a small hollow in a tree trunk crowded with garden snails. Nearby, a cluster of empty shells….

Snail shells

…suggested that we might not be the only ones to have noticed.

More Like Fun Than Boring

4 thoughts on “More Like Fun Than Boring

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That’s nature for you – red in tooth and claw. Still, if you witnessed the Saturday morning rush for bargains at the bric-a-tat stall at our local coffee mornings, you’d know that mankind can be pretty vicious too.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That’s pretty gentle for S! Although he is learning to moderate his remarks a little – ‘have you had a shower?’ instead of ‘you smell’. He doesn’t pull any punches. I took the kids orienteering at the weekend (at High Dam – do you know it?). A and B were very keen, but S moaned before we left, on the way there and as we walked (quite a way) to the start. Once we started he loved it. A couple of days later, A said she fancied a lazy weekend at which point S butted in indignantly: “Yeah – not making us go orienteering every day!”
      (I think he’s been three times).

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