Blackbird Nest

Blackbird nest and eggs

TBH was pruning a shrub in the garden. She lopped of a branch and….ta-da!

The kids were very excited. Well, actually they weren’t the only ones.

TBH stopped pruning and the mother returned to the nest and was incubating the eggs again, but sadly the nest has subsequently been abandoned. Maybe the eggs had got cold whilst we were gawking, or maybe the fact that we’ve actually been able to get out in to the garden a little more of late caused too much disturbance and that was the problem. The nest wasn’t in the best spot – on a shrub on the edge of our patio, between the patio and the lawn. It tends to be a busy area of the garden and had we not been kept largely indoors by our unusually cold spring I wonder whether a nest would have been built there at all. Hopefully the adult birds have built a new nest and will have another go.

Blackbird Nest

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