Climbing Up on Coppet Hill

Coppet Hill

South of Goodrich, the Wye twists and turns in a series of extravagant meanders, almost enclosing Coppet Hill and Huntsham Hill. We’d finished our exploration of the castle just as a heavy shower began. We waited it out in the visitor centre before picnicking in the sunshine.  From the car park at the castle, a short stroll into Goodrich village brings you to the lane which climbs up Coppet Hill.


A bee spotted on a road-verge flower – could it be a honey bee? It isn’t very yellow.

It’s clear from the map that there are several options for walks on Coppet Hill, one of which would traverse the ridge before returning along the banks of the Wye. On this occasion, we needed a shorter route. We climbed steeply up to the trig point, the views and the weather improving as we did.

B on Coppet Hill 

The kids all had several turns at climbing onto the trig pillar.

Chilling out 

The Shandy Sherpa gave an expert commentary on what we could see – the Forest of Dean, and the Malverns, amongst them, as well as the more immediate wooded hills of the Wye valley.

Coppet Hill view I 

We watched a kestrel hover over the tangle of bracken and foxgloves on the hillside.

Coppet Hill view II 

Speckled yellow 

Speckled yellow, a day-flying moth. It’s food plant is wood sage, of which we had seen plenty.

We continued a little further along the ridge, past ‘the folly’, which is little more than a wall.

The path on the common 

The Wye from Coppet Hill 

Looking down on the Wye.

Common vetch 

Common vetch, with an ant! Confusingly, common vetch isn’t actually all that common and isn’t the most common British vetch. It’s not something I would expect to see near home for example.

Down again... 

The west side of Coppet Hill is a common, and seems to be criss-crossed by many paths. The one we took, which cut diagonally down across the hillside and back towards Goodrich, was at a delightful angle.


A cracking little walk that. Both Offa’s dyke and the Wye Valley Walk pass nearby. The latter really appeals to me. It also occurs to me that a detour over Coppet Hill would make for an interesting variation in this part of the route.

Climbing Up on Coppet Hill

10 thoughts on “Climbing Up on Coppet Hill

  1. Looks like a honeybee – they can vary really widely in colour. Some of mine are very dark and others a bright honey colour. That one is unusually dark though.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Emily, I had decided that it wasn’t a honey bee, but reconsidered when I couldn’t seem to find a better alternative! It’s good to have an expert opinion.

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          Well….these things are all relative: I find the fact that you think it could be a honey bee reassuring. You obviously spend a great deal of time with your bees and know a great deal about them. I never realised just how many difficulties apiarists face; it seems like quite a complicated business; I had innocently imagined that you would just provide the hive then sit-back and wait for the honey!

          1. I’ve heard it was simple in the past before varroa mites came along – beekeepers could just check their hives occasionally to make sure the bees were still in there and then harvest in the summer. Diseases existed but were fairly rare. Now we’re struggling just to keep our bees alive. Not only do the mites themselves weaken the bees, they help transmit lots of viruses because they pierce the bees’ haemolymph, providing a route for infection. Horrible things.

  2. Considering the leaden skies as we drove over that was a cracker of a day. The Wye Valley is great place for walking when the weather is too uncertain to hit the mountains so I’m pleased we managed to take you to a couple of the best spots. I didn’t have my camera so I’ll just have to post a few I took with my camera and point people at your posts!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      What struck me afterwards, looking at the map, was just how many different permutations of this walk there are. I look forward to walking in the Wye valley again, perhaps without a 10 year gap this time!

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