Porth Towyn………..of course.

Well…the Olympics is finally over and re-emerging bleary-eyed from in front of the goggle-box I find that I have fallen even further behind then usual. Time to break radio-silence.

Back at the tail-end of July we made our annual trip to Towyn Farm, near the village of Tudweiliog on the Llyn Peninsula. This was our sixth trip in seven years.

 The 'secret' beaches

We were pretty lucky with the weather – we didn’t have the heat wave experienced in the South, but it was almost entirely dry and although we had strong winds, some cloud at times and even some fog, at some point every day we had some sunshine too.

Looking east 

We had a couple of trips away from the camp-site, but we spent most of our stay either there or on the nearby beaches. There are three smaller coves east of the main Porth Towyn one, christened by the kids ‘the secret beaches’, and we tend to head for those.

On the beach 

Generally, I don’t take my camera to the beach, but these first few photos were taken later in the week, when me and some of the kids went to watch the sunset down there.

Paddling in the sunset 

At least, that’s why I thought we went, the kids thought it was an extra opportunity to have a paddle and a splash in the waves.

Porth Towyn Sunset 

For the first weekend we were a substantial group: four families, eight adults (in age at least, but not mentality in all cases) and nine kids. Loads of fielders for beach cricket then, and tennis was interesting with triples rather then doubles. The rock-pooling was as fascinating and enjoyable as ever. Most of the adult members of the group seem to derive almost as much pleasure from these childish pursuits as the children do. In some cases perhaps more.

But as the week went on and work commitments caused our numbers to dwindle, I was left with only the ‘beach funsters’…..

The beach funsters

…for adult company. Neither of them are ever seen without a fleece on. TBH usually has a  book in hand. In none of our six visits has TBH heeded the call of the sea and taken the plunge! By contrast, I’m like a kid at Christmas faced with a mountain of new toys – I don’t know what to do first: digging, building, rock-pooling, cricket, tennis, playing frisby…..but swimming in the sea is always high on my list of priorities.

Fortunately, the remaining kids all seem to have the beach gene, or to have caught the beach bug at least, and were readily enlisted to construct elaborate, walled and moated castles:

Elaborate castle 

And to play…


in the sea….


…whilst we waited for the tide to come in and do it’s worst….


The video and the last three photos were all taken on the same day as the one of the TBH and J. Note the blue skies, the beach-wear, the fact that the kids were in the sea.

Different strokes…

Personally, I’m concerned that just one beach week a year isn’t a sufficient fix. I have irons in the fire for 2013 and 14…..

Porth Towyn………..of course.

4 thoughts on “Porth Towyn………..of course.

  1. They will be forever known now by that name 🙂

    Now you can see why the Jones clan spend so much time by the sea and why my own beloved Beach Funster bloody hates it!

    We’ve been lucky to travel to some great places as a family but these weeks in North Wales are always a stand out for us. Just something about the whole laid back approach, no rushing around, come and go from the beach as you want, combined with the simple pleasures of beach fun and seeing all the kids play so well together.

    Happy days indeed 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yep. I thought that TBH didn’t generally read the blog, but discovered my error when she poked me in the ribs over that one. (Well, where my ribs would be if you could find them.)
      I love our trips to Towyn Farm – they’re consistently a high spot in my year. One year I’ll get my way and we’ll do a bit of a leisurely tour and explore some more of the Welsh coast too.

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi there. Just been searching for Towyn Campsite online and came across your blog pictures. It seems like you’ve visited it a lot over the past years. We have read some mixed reviews online and were wondering if you could give us a clearer picture of what it’s really like (esp re pot washing facilities, cleanliness of showers, how wet camping fields get). We’re quite happy with basic facilities, just want to make sure they’re clean. The surroundings look amazing… Thank you! If you can see my email address, please reply to that. Many thanks!

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