Wild Swimming

River Kent

Spot the difference.

The Kent 

So, the difference is in the addition of a couple of figures to the scene. They don’t exactly stand-out, because they’re immersed in the river….

A and B 

A very pleasant sunny afternoon. TBH read her book. A, B and I swam. S, who is a  fairly confident swimmer, contended himself with wading on this occasion…

S wading

We had a dip in another local river over the summer too, but I wanted to mention this one in particular here because, as long-standing readers will know, I’ve been exploring the river Kent from source to sea, and so it seems appropriate to report that I’ve taken that exploration one step further by plunging into its waters. .

How were they? Cool, clear and refreshing.

Wild Swimming

9 thoughts on “Wild Swimming

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It is a cracking spot. There’s a shallow part where it’s relatively easy to wade across and a very deep bit perfect for swimming. There’s also a good spot for jumping in. And lots of little fish to be netted and examined. We saw big ones leaping after flies too.
      The boys and I had a dip in the river which drains from Grasmere into Rydal Water. When we got out, TBH looked up from her book and said, “Awww, I was just about to join you.” The boys laughed derisively.

      1. Seeing as the weather will be so warm and sunny when we come to yours in a couple of weeks, I think some wild swimming would be in order. Can’t be any wetter than it was on Arnside Knott last year 🙂

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