Shoe Review – Hi-Tec TT Pursuit WP from Outdoor Look*

Hi-Tec TT Pursuit WP

Back in April, the good people at Outdoor Look asked me whether I would like to review a pair of boots or shoes. It was almost as if they could read my mind: just what I needed! After perusing the options available I decided to go for shoes, and after much deliberation decided to give Hi-Tec footwear another go. (Regular readers will have endured several rants about my old leaked-like-a-sieve-and- fell-to-pieces-after-five-minutes Hi-Tec boots, so I’ll spare you anymore of that.) So I asked for a pair of TT Pursuit WP shoes.

The first time I wore them was when we climbed Pillar back at the start of May. I was slightly concerned about the fact that I’d done nothing to wear them in, but I needn’t have worried – they were really comfortable from the off.

Hi-Tec TT Pursuit WP 

Here they are, on my feet, when were sat having a brew by Robinson’s cairn. And held aloft in front of Pillar Rock….

Product Placement

Since then I’ve worn them just about every time I’ve been out.

So how have they performed?

Well – perhaps first I should just point out the limitations of this review: I can’t compare these shoes to anything similar from other manufacturers, and I have limited experience of other trail shoes. My technical knowledge of fabrics and construction techniques is non-existent. I have no idea where these shoes were made and whether their manufacture was environmentally friendly or ethically sound.

What I can tell you is that these shoes are very comfortable to wear. On the whole I am very happy with them. They aren’t really waterproof, I didn’t expect that they would be, and I think that in the future I would try to find un-lined shoes. That said, my feet have felt comfortable in them even when they’ve been wet. The grip is good and I feel confident in them on all but the slipperiest surfaces. Time will tell, but so far they have stood up well to the abuse that has been thrown at them. When contouring or descending on very steep ground I don’t feel that the heel cups give as much support as I would like, but this may be an issue with trail shoes in general rather than these particular shoes. It seems to me that they’re quite competitively priced, but you can judge that one for yourself.

With the shoes, Outdoor Look sent me a catalogue. Some of the things on offer seemed to me to be at bargain prices and I shall certainly be purchasing stuff from them in future. Ironically, it looks like they aren’t stocking Hi-Tec footwear anymore, but they do have a wide range of boots and shoes from other brands.

*Other brands and other retailers are available.

Shoe Review – Hi-Tec TT Pursuit WP from Outdoor Look*

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