Nobody Loses All The Time*

Time – for walking, photography, birding, blogging – is at a premium at the moment.

Still, I am occasionally finding moments to ‘stand and stare’. Perhaps at my favourite Leighton Moss view for instance…

Leighton Moss View 

Or at the way the light catches the leaves in Eaves Wood…

Sunshine in Eaves Wood 

…or at the way the kids delight in tree climbing etc….

B climbs a dead tree, Eaves Wood 

We’ve have a fair few clear, bright, autumn days, but they haven’t always coincided with those days which have been available for walks.

Autumn Sunshine 

In half-term for instance, TBH and I had a day to ourselves and went back to the Eden valley to repeat the walk we did last year with the kids around Addingham Church, Long Meg and her daughters, Little Salkeld Watermill and Lacy’s Caves. A very fine walk it is too, but the day was dull, overcast and damp.

Eden side toadstools 

The fungi seemed to be relishing the conditions however.

Legions of earthballs

*Yet another post title nicked from e.e.cummings. I always loved the breathless black humour of this poem, with its grisly punchline. Poor old Uncle Sol.

Nobody Loses All The Time*

14 thoughts on “Nobody Loses All The Time*

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Ha! Yes.
      Changing tack ever so slightly – even though I’m not remotely religious – I like the idea of being buried in a wood* for exactly that reason. Sentimental, I know.
      *Only after I’ve subtly imitated the skunks that is.

  1. I’d like to think I could be of some use after I’ve gone. One of my favourite comedy lines of all time:

    “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, then knowing my luck I’d come back as me!”

  2. O.M. says:

    e.e and W.H. I love the Victorian formality of initials ! W.G., A.J.P., F.R., F.S., P.B.H., and T.S. are some of my favourites.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Oooh, lovely, it’s like a quiz. I’ve waited patiently for one of my host of dedicated readers to pick up the gauntlet, but since he hasn’t…….Sebald, Taylor, Leavis, Smythe, Peel and Eliot?
      W.H. is a bit of a cracker in it’s own right – could be Davies, as I guess you’re referring to,or Smith I suppose, but also Hudson, Auden or the mysterious person too whom Shakespeare’s sonnets were dedicated.
      How about J.D., H.E., V.S., A.L.?

  3. Initials and surnames – I read an anecdote about Smythe and Shipton. After a couple of months or so thrashing about very remote parts of the Himalayas sharing the same tent, one night Shipton said to Smythe, “don’t you think it’s time you call me Eric and I call you Frank?”

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Last year we had lots of large fungi in Eaves Wood, but I haven’t noticed so many this year. Maybe I haven’t looked so hard this year however.
      Some cummings poems leave me mystified, but on the whole I’m a fan.

  4. Climbing trees is always a delight. I would prefer climbing fruit bearing ones though and eating on top like a monkey or a relative of it. I think your kids are wonderful and healthy. Hope all is well with you and the rest of the family.

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