Autumn Colour – Eaves Wood and Haweswater

Autumn Colour I

The post title almost says it all – yet another weekend of stunning autumn weather. Spent the first half of it stuck inside at work. (My own fault: overtime pay is almost unheard of in my line of work, and when it was offered, back in the summer, I reckoned on giving up a drear, damp day for my shilling.)

Fortunately, the Sunday was another corker.

Autumn Colour II 

Leaf Litter 

The path to the Circle O'Beeches 

The autumn colour has been superb this year, and I’d vowed that I would only take photos that captured the over-all effect, and, for once, not grub around in the leaf litter, taking close-ups of sparkly leaves catching the light.

Back-lit leaf I 

It’s an unshakable resolve that I have. A will of iron.

Back-lit leaf II 

Back-lit leaf III 

Back-lit leaf IV 

Back-lit leaf V 

Trees reflected upside down in water-droplets….

Spindle berry with droplet 

…didn’t take any of those either, after-all, I’ve already posted innumerable photos of that sort.

By Haweswater, I watched a bizarre relay – first a jay fussily coasting through a stand of trees like a tramp steamer calling in at every port/branch, then a wood-pecker, apparently disturbed by the jay, sky-writing a low-amplitude sine curve over the field, coming to land in a dead tree and, in its turn, putting up a wind-hover, a striped female, which glided away to a new perch by the water’s edge.


Back-lit leaf VI 

Back-lit leaf VII 

 “….counter, original, spare, strange…”

Back-lit leaf VII 

Back-lit leaves I 

Autumn Colour III 

Back-lit leaf VIII 

Reflected leaves in water 

Reflected leaves in water II 

Dew-drop web 

Back-lit leaves II

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

Autumn Colour – Eaves Wood and Haweswater

10 thoughts on “Autumn Colour – Eaves Wood and Haweswater

  1. Spiders web for me as well – really nice. The autumn colours have faded over this side of the country. Just a few trees with the odd leaf still clinging on.

  2. Great photos – especially of the leaves – so glad you took them. A great corner of the world (lived in Halton through secondary school years). Really enjoying looking through the site.

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