Barley in the Snow

Sledging, Pendle Hill behind.

With a disappointing lack of the white stuff around home this weekend, we filled the car with kids, sledges, spare clothes, flasks of hot drinks etc and drove to Barley near Pendle Hill.


There wasn’t an awful lot of snow there either, but enough for a little sledging. Or falling off sledges…

Falling off sledge. 

..which B managed to do far more often than he managed to stay on board. I think he just enjoyed an excuse to roll around in the snow.

A, on the other hand, didn’t need an excuse….

Snow Angel

….here she is making a snow angel.

Incidentally, we can heartily recommend the Village Cafe in Barley where we were Royally looked after.

Barley in the Snow

6 thoughts on “Barley in the Snow

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That doesn’t surprise me at all (the skiing on no snow bit). We’ve had a dusting here yesterday, but the sun came out this afternoon so it’s just about gone again. Haven;t climbed Pendle Hill for donkey’s years – must go back and do that soon.

  1. Lots of memories from Pendle. Been up it loads. Husband no. 1 came from Grindleton on the north side of Pendle, and used to work with a guy (an author – Ron Freethy – heard of him?) who lived in the Barley area. Must give it another visit sometime soon. We always drive past it on our way to the Dales too.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I haven’t been up there for years. My Aunt and Uncle lived in that area for many years – sadly no longer with us, my Uncle passed away last year. Feeling slightly guilty because my cousins still live nearby and we should have dropped in for a visit, but the whole thing was a bit spur of the moment…
      I’ve been up there at night a couple of times in the past, amazing views of the East Lancs towns.
      I hadn’t heard of Ron Freethy – my loss by the looks of it, I’ve just been trawling through his back-catalogue on a well know online retailer’s site. ‘The Making of the English Countryside’ – very intriguing.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      The kids unjustly blame me for breaking their last set of sledges – obviously, as I pointed out at the time, in fact those sledges were structurally flawed. They still seem to bear a grudge however.
      I didn’t remain completely aloof from all of the messing about in the snow – there was sporadic, and very one-sided snowball fighting (they ganged up on me, but I like to think I held my own).

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