High Head Sculpture Park

Flying Inside

Another half-term beano. We visited High Head Sculpture Park.

Swans In Flight by Kenny Heptonstall 

Looked at some sculptures!

The Bird Hide 

As well as the sculptures outside in the park there’s a gallery inside with more sculpture, paintings, and other art and crafts.

There’s a small but well designed playground which was a big hit with the kids despite the icy wind. And there are walks to be had on the dairy farm which contains the park. We chose to climb the hill..

A brief rest 

..to the High Head stone circle, a recent (2006) example of its kind.

High Head Stone Circle by Brain Cowper, with added children 

The distant hills are Blencathra and its neighbours.

Distant Blencathra

We had lunch in the excellent tearoom which looks out over a garden crammed with well-attended bird-feeders.

House sparrows 

Recommended, if you’re ever in the Penrith area.

A big seat

High Head Sculpture Park

4 thoughts on “High Head Sculpture Park

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, I thought so. You’d want to be nearby though. A quick trip here combined with a visit to Little Salkeld Mill, Addingham Church, the Long Meg stone circle and Lacy’s Caves would make for a storming day in this area.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We had a holiday near Penrith once and, even though we live nearby, I’d consider doing it again, it’s a great area.

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