Robin in Eaves Wood

Singing robin in the sunshine

On the morning after my Swirl How and Grey Friar walk, I was out again, this time for another stroll around our local Haweswater circuit. On this occasion I was on my own and reverted to a clockwise lap.

Robin between riffs 

Just into Eaves Wood I was regaled by a fearless robin. I snapped away with the camera, adding, aimlessly, contentedly, to my huge collection of tame robin shots. Momentarily, the sun came out; in the two photos I took in that brief window of bright light the colours of feathers, branches, leaves etcetera were completely transformed, making the other photos look rather dull, grey and lifeless by comparison.


The same fortuitous circumstances didn’t arise when I reached the snowdrop wood down by Haweswater.

Snowdrops in the woods 

Pig house 

Moss Lane pigs.

Sleeping it off 

It was only a short walk, but it didn’t half brighten my day. Days without a walk seem rather dull, grey and lifeless by comparison.

Could be worse though…..

An advertisement

Robin in Eaves Wood

3 thoughts on “Robin in Eaves Wood

  1. As I’ve said many times I’m envious of all the lovely walks you have on your doorstep without needing get in the car. I like pigs. Cute when they are young and full of character when fully grown. On top of that you can eat them.

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