Berghaus Women’s Carrock Jacket

TBH's new coat

Those nice people at Berghaus, no doubt aware of TBH’s long-suffering status, offered to send her a coat to try. Here she is modelling said coat, a Women’s Carrock Goretex Jacket.

And peaked hood 

Due to the unusually dry weather which February and March have so far brought she hasn’t been able to test its waterproofness, but never the less she is very happy with it.

It has a plethora of pockets, two hand-warmers, an internal pocket and one in the sleeve. (What for – I can’t think why you would want that?). It also has pit-zips, velcro-fastenings on the sleeves, and a peaked hood with a volume adjuster.

TBH is particularly impressed with the hood. She also likes:

  • The fit
  • The colour
  • The fact that it doesn’t “smell like wet dog”.

Another view of that hood. 

So that I wouldn’t feel left out, Berghaus sent me a beanie hat to try. I can’t think of a lot to say about a hat. I’ve already had the chance to wear it on four very cold and blowy hill days. Perhaps the best thing I can say is that I’ve quite a collection of hats which I seem to have accumulated over the years, but the beanie has now become my first choice winter wear.

I have a sort of unofficial policy about not posting photos of myself, but fortuitously I found this unfortunately unpulchritudinous chap by the summit cairn on Swirl How and persuaded him to model the beanie hat…

My New Hat

(Forgive him pulling a bit of face, it was snowing and a very cold wind was blowing. It was a tad parky.)

TBH adds:

“The hat is also tasteful. The kids are pleased to be out with you looking less like a hobo than usual.”

Berghaus Women’s Carrock Jacket

11 thoughts on “Berghaus Women’s Carrock Jacket

  1. A very nice jacket indeed. Would be lovely if some bee suppliers saw my blog and sent me some bee suits to try out!

    Pulchritudinous is a strange word – it’s sounds and convoluted spelling do not make me think of beauty at all!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well you never know. Judging by the healthy forum in the comments sections of your posts, I would have thought that bee suit retailers would be queuing up to enlist your services. I’m a bit bemused by the fact that I’ve been sent stuff to review, but obviously very happy to accept.
      It is an odd word, I’m surprised to note that it has a Latin root – you’d think that Latin could do much better with a word for ‘beauty’.

      1. Perhaps bee suit retailers have not cottoned onto the blogging world yet. Hard copy catalogues and adverts in journals seem to be their main forms of advertising. Whereas obviously they would do much better through sending me bee suits to model.

        Might try telling my fiance he looks especially pulchritudinous tonight and see how he reacts.

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          Their loss I reckon.

          I presume you’ve tried it by now. It doesn’t sound very flattering if you don’t know the word. Hope he didn’t take umbrage.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well rather you than me – shall I tell TBH that she’s a ‘freeloader’ in your opinion? I’m not sure that she’s forgiven you yet for ‘beach funsters’, despite your efforts to blame me for coining that one.
      You may have a point though – I was rather hoping that she would write the review herself.
      Ah – hands free ski pass. I’m impressed with your knowledge. It’s almost as if you’ve been skiing recently or something, but didn’t like to mention it (rub it in like).

  2. I disappear from the blogging scene for a few months and what happens…oh dear! However I would add that while the standard of modelling would most certainly entice me into buying a ladies jacket (even if t is not quite pink enough for my particular tastes) I might find myself that bit more reluctant to buy myself a beanie. 😉

    This may explain the news reports of the crash in the Berghaus Beanie market. 😆

  3. My BH has a Berghaus jacket – looks a bit like a forerunner to this one, but in black. She loves it – cut well enough to wear over a variety of layers and of a weight & thickness to be useful nearly all year round, and looks good all the time – even off the hill and for work as well.

    If this jacket does half as well as my BH’s, your BH will be a happy bunny. 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’m quite impressed with the design I must admit. I’m a bit gutted that there wasn’t a coat in my size for me to review. All my own fault I know…..

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