Sunday Morning Snowman

Sunday morning snow

Last weekend, and Sunday morning brought two surprises: a covering of snow and a brief spell of blue skies and some sunshine. I was up early to try and catch up on some work, but the kids rescued me by suggesting we ought to be outside in the snow.

It was only seven o’clock and I was a little concerned about the kids waking our neighbours, especially since the boys had a friend stopping over and they were all very excited. I tried my best to keep them quiet, but…well, there was snow! We don’t get it very often; this weekend, when most of the country is in the grip of 14 foot snowdrifts, we have the Siberian winds, but no snow.

Actually, it was more a sort of wet icy slush than snow, already thawing rapidly. The blue skies would be short-lived too, black cloud was building which would soon bring rain. In the meantime, the kids were happy to play with the snow, whilst I snapped away, photographing the changing skies and bare oaks in the field behind our house.

Oak tree I 

I often take photos of these trees, mainly by virtue of their proximity to home.

Children and Oaks 

They are very handsome though.

Big sky 

Child and Oak 


Children at play. 

Low sun and Oaks 

A had begun rolling a snowball as soon as we left the house. The boys joined in….

Roll 'em, roll 'em, roll 'em.

Drawing an erratic line across the field….

Andy Goldsworthyesque? Line in Snow 2013 

And soon they’d built their snowman….

The Famous Five

….finishing just as it began to rain. We hurried home for pancakes and bacon and fried egg butties.

An hour later the field was green around all around the now incongruous snowman. There’s still a remnant of the him hanging on in the field a week later, testament to how cold it’s been this week.

Sunday Morning Snowman

10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Snowman

  1. Beautiful photos of the trees. I love the silhouettes and lights behind the clouds. A rather manky looking snowman. We found one perched on a Trig Pillar the same day after all the snow had melted. Good couple of inches in the garden today now as well. Looking forward to camping in it next weekend 😦

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Hard to believe it’s March! The wind lifted our garden trampoline and dumped it on a flowerbed several yards from where it started and three or four feet higher up. It’s in pieces now, but we’re hopeful that it can be rebuilt when the winds finally abate. At present, camping next weekend isn’t looking so attractive!
    It was a manky snowman. The kids even found that entertaining, in an “Ugh, look – cowpat, heh, heh, heh.” Beavis and Butthead sort of a way.

  3. Bet they’ve been able to make another snowman this weekend!

    You know, ever since my Peddars Way jaunt, I’ve really started to tune into tree shapes. There were some really creepy ones in Norfolk……..

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      No such luck. We must be the only part of the North without snow. Just up the road in the Lakes they have more than they know what to do with!
      I’m a bit of a tree fanatic! I have a crackpot idea for a walk to celebrate local trees, which I may get round to doing when the days get longer.

  4. The snow this winter seems to have been pretty localised. You can be ten miles away and get nowt and then another area has ten foot drifts. I think you guys have just been unlucky, or lucky depending on whether you are working or playing in it.

  5. Great pics! I play out my tree fetish on Instagram [@babsboardwell, play along!]. They have playgrounds with names such as #treeporn #treefamed #treestreestrees & #treeworld. What’s not to like ^_^

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Haven’t dabbled with Instagram yet. Maybe I should check it out, but aren’t there issues over ownership of the photos?

      1. The issues were resolved mid January = Insta listened to its users and will not steal anything ^_^. It’s a great platform for those that love photography so give it a go, it’s v addictive.
        PS: happy Easter

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