7 – Middlebarrow / Eaves Wood


Good Friday. We’ve resolved to visit 40 note-worthy attractions in the AONB, so which one would the kids choose for the first day of our break? The one right on our doorstep.


Not to worry: Eaves Wood is fantastic. In fact the kids were quite keen to include several separate locations within the wood on our list: The Pepper Pot, the limestone Pavement on Middlebarrow, the ruined cottage, the ring o’beeches. And, of course, The Climbing Tree:


Where we all had a bit of a clamber.

On Castlebarrow, you’ll find the Queen Victoria Jubilee Monument, known affectionately as the Pepper Pot. You might also spot some blue moor grass….


Which isn’t blue.

The kids love to build dens, and also enjoy finding pre-fabs, built by someone else, which they can check out. This one…


…is pretty substantial, but not yet homely enough to tempt me to spend a night there.

There’s always something new to see in Eaves Wood. This Crooked Tree…


…has appeared here before, but the kids deny all previous knowledge of it, and were impressed with it’s potential for tree-climbing purposes.

By the ruined cottage, where an area has been cleared of trees, numerous clumps of pale yellow primroses have appeared – more than were here last year, I’m sure.



Gratuitous birch tree photo.

Trowbarrow Quarry and Ingleborough 

Super-zoom image of Ingleborough and the top of Trowbarrow Quarry.


The High Beam at the Ring O’Beeches.

7 – Middlebarrow / Eaves Wood

5 thoughts on “7 – Middlebarrow / Eaves Wood

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes! To be fair, she often climbs in this particular tree. We all do. B and I were there again this morning.

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