Arnside Tower and Arnside Knott

Arnside Tower

Arnside Tower

Now thoroughly behind with blogging due to pressures of work: here’s an overdue instalment of our Easter Adventures. The boys were off playing football (good for them) and A had a friend staying over. The sun was shining, so we decided to tick off another couple of locations on our list of 40 Places worth visiting locally.

On Saul's Drive 

It was cooler than it had been a couple of days before, but warmer than I had anticipated.

Approaching the trig pillar 

Approaching the trig point.

At the top 

There was a real haze and not much in the way of views from the Knott – a real contrast with my previous visit just a couple of weeks before.

What happened to the view? 

What with it being warmer, we most of us ended up carrying coats, gloves and hat rather than wearing them. I dropped my hat and had to leave the others to head home whilst I retraced our steps.

The 'lost' hat

Somebody had hung my hat from a prominent yew branch, presumably to make the place look neat and tidy.

More stuff to follow. Sometime.

Arnside Tower and Arnside Knott

4 thoughts on “Arnside Tower and Arnside Knott

  1. You didn’t put the attraction numbers in the title, standards are slipping. I feel I know both of these pretty well myself. Look forward to seeing them again in September (hint)

  2. I walked past Arnside Tower and the trig on the Knott last weekend during a walk from Gibralter farm over to Arnside and back via the coast. I must say that despite it being pretty busy at times I really enjoyed it. You have some nice areas to explore over there so thanks for highlighting them on your blog. Good luck with your continuing 40 places to visit.

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