Sizergh Castle

Sizergh Castle

On the last day of our friends visit, we took them to Sizergh Castle, a National Trust property which has the enormous advantage of being fairly close to home. I’d promised them sightings of the enormous fish (koi carp?) which we’ve often seen in this pond, but they had to settle for coot chicks….

Juvenile coot 

I’m really impressed with the National Trust – I’ve posted before about their ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ campaign, and I like that – but also, whenever we’ve visited properties recently it’s been abundantly clear that a real effort is being made to engage visitors, particularly younger ones:

Period costume II 

At Sizergh, as well as dressing-up in the old barn, there was (and still is) a ‘Woollen Woods’ exhibition, and a  new trail through the woods with things for the children (young and old) to balance on etc.

Here’s J enjoying the rope swing…

The kids don't monopolise the fun.

Sizergh Castle

3 thoughts on “Sizergh Castle

  1. A splendid end to a cracking week. Could have spent all day chilling at Sizergh Castle but I had my plan to head home early, a plan thwarted by a gorgeous extended afternoon lunch in your garden.

    So where are you taking us next year…….


    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We’re spoilt for choice. I suggest you carefully peruse the nearly 700 posts on the blog – you’ve got a while to do it yet. Once you’ve caught up on your own backlog obviously!

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