Broad-bodied Chaser

Broad-bodied chaser (female)

As our guests (see previous posts) were preparing to leave and enjoying lunch in our garden, in some proper sunshine at last, we were joined by another guest, perched on a bare branch of a shrub growing right beside the patio where we sat.

This is a broad-bodied chaser. It’s a very large dragonfly and it’s shape is very distinctive -quite unmistakeable. It’s also unmistakeably a female: the male broad-bodied chaser is blue.

Broad-bodied chaser (female) II 

Andy and I snapped away, but she didn’t seem at all bothered. She must have posed for quite some time – I took no end of photos.

‘Britain’s Dragonflies’ (Smallshire and Swash), says: “often the first colonist of new ponds” and “try digging a pond – then just stand back and wait!”

Well, I didn’t dig a pond – it seems that I didn’t need to in the end – but I have been waiting for some time. I took some photos of a male broad-bodied chaser….


…during a close encounter in the woods near Haweswater back in June 2010 and I’ve been hoping to have a similarly good chance to snap a female ever since. I’ve seen females on several occasions – at Leighton Moss and down by Quaker’s Stang on the salt-marsh spring to mind – but never managed to take any satisfactory pictures, so I was very chuffed with this chance.

Broad-bodied Chaser

4 thoughts on “Broad-bodied Chaser

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, I’m almost certain that I did. Sadly, the camera that took them died this weekend, with the cover to the battery compartment finally splitting catastrophically like it’s been threatening to do for some months now. Sort of forced my hand on the whole new camera thing, although I’m still vacillating over which one to spend my hard-earned on.

      1. I’d still consider a DSLR if I were you. I love mine and the flexibility it gives me although it is heavy. You’re a better photographer than me so you’d make good use of it.

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          It’s funny – the old camera dying has really clarified my thinking – what I want is an improved version of that. The huge zoom is great for identifying birds etc and I take a huge number of photos on a macro setting. Also I can get the whole package for one outlay without breaking the bank.

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