Towyn Farm, Tudweiliog – Mostly Sunsets


A bit of an annual ritual this, or two in fact, first going to Towyn Farm on the Llyn Peninsula for our camping get-together, to start the summer, and then blogging about it, usually somewhere nearer to the end of the summer. This was our eighth trip in nine years – I suppose recommendations don’t come much higher than that.

The gratuitous fry-up picture? Well – the weather was scorching, at least to begin with, and almost all of the cooking happened outside. As usual, I was extremely methodical in the run-up to our trip and had made and frozen both a chilli and a Bolognese sauce to bring with us. Shame I left them in the freezer at home. Never mind – we managed.


All the usual stuff happened – digging and stuff, swimming, snorkelling, crabbing, beach cricket and tennis, messing around in our inflatable dinghy. I didn’t see as much this year snorkelling as I have before, not sure why, a few crabs, one of them a spider crab, a few small fish, but to be honest just the colour and variety and motion of the seaweeds is enough to bewitch me. Rubber rings seem to have become a firm favourite – keeping the kids happy in the sea seemingly for hours on end. Throwing a Frisbee, and even sometimes catching it too, was also a big favourite this year.


Later in the week, there was even some good body-surfing to be had, which is unusual at Porth Towyn, at least when we’ve been there.


‘Little’ S always has his birthday whilst we’re away. Can’t be bad. Here he is enjoying a well chosen gift. I’ve actually posted about S and his affection for bubbles before. I was surprised to find that was four years ago.


Sunsets are always a feature when we’re camping at Towyn. I made a bit more of an effort to take photos this year. They don’t compare to the real thing, but here’s a sample….

Tudweiliog sunset I 

Tudweiliog sunset II 

Tudweiliog Sunset III 

Tudweiliog Sunset IV 

Tudweiliog sunset V 

Tudweiliog sunset VI 

Tudweiliog sunset VII 

One evening a few of us watched the sunset from the cliff-top (there were people still swimming, I wished I was one of them) and then walked along the coast path out to a point. The orange glow along the horizon was in some ways even more enjoyable than the more spectacular sunset had been…

Tudwieliog post-sunset

A couple more posts to come about our holiday – we didn’t neglect Carn Fadryn for example, and we managed to squeeze in a trip to a castle.

Towyn Farm, Tudweiliog – Mostly Sunsets

7 thoughts on “Towyn Farm, Tudweiliog – Mostly Sunsets

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well yes. He would be bemused, at the very least. I was about to eat him. I’ve decided that it’s about time to show that it’s not only Beekeepers who enjoy a bit of grub whilst pursuing their hobby – expect more food photies.

  1. No photo of the broccoli tea then!

    An amazing week as always. Considering we didn’t go anywhere other than the beach it’s staggering how quickly the time passes. I’ve said this before but it’s a really special week for me. Always so easy going and relaxed, Australia was great but the memories from these few days are just as grand

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Didn’t think of that – it looked like normal tea anyway. Tasted normal too – with a subtle hint of brassica.

      I’m with you – I love it there. Not quite the same when it was just me and the boys, but even then I found it very relaxing. I’m already starting to worry that the kids will feel at some point that they have outgrown it.

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