Towyn Farm – A Coastal Stroll


And then, almost everybody went home. Even TBH and A left, since they were booked into a Guide Jamboree camp. Originally, the boys and I were planning to head home too, but then it dawned on us that we might as well have a little more time by the coast. (Okay – we live by the coast, but a little more time by the Welsh coast, were there’s sand and cliffs etc. rather than an endless expanse of mud.)

Three of our friends stayed for one more day, but then they were due for a few days in the Lakes.

After the fine weather we’d been having, the day began rather cool, with a strong, blustery wind. We opted for a short excursion along the coast path.

The gorse along the cliff-tops here, and the gorse which covers the lower slopes of Caryn Fadryn, are covered with large, elaborate webs. The centre of each has a opening leading into a webbed tunnel…


You can see that this one has snared a couple of ladybirds, a smattering of dewdrops and also a litter of flotsam, I can’t decide what it all is. This is the home of a labyrinth spider, agelena labyrinthica. B and I had seen several on Carn Fadryn a couple of days before, they lurk in the entranceways of their lairs, but tend to scuttle away when you peer in at them.


I’m puzzled by these photos. I think that there are two spiders here, both of them agelena labyrinthica, locked in an embrace or a macabre dance of death? I’m only speculating.


The coastal walking is lovely here. We should enjoy it more often. On this occasion, with the strong wind, there were waves crashing onto the rocks and beaches, which is unusual: this stretch of coast is often sheltered from the prevailing winds.


I’m always intrigued by this small building, half built into the cliff-top, and by the ramshackle collection of huts which back this natural harbour, unnamed on the OS map.




Nearby, there’s also the remnants of what must have been a very exposed house.


And just across the headland, another natural harbour, Porth Ysgaden.


We stopped here for drinks and snacks and to explore the rocks and tide-pools, which were large and full of small fish.


With the weather brightening the majority vote was that would should head back for lunch and then the beach. I was outvoted, but have to confess that the beach was enjoyable – the waves were big enough the make bodysurfing viable, which is not normally the case. The kids also played a warped version of boules in which they kept reinventing the rules and adding water hazards, and which they seemed to find endlessly amusing.

Towyn Farm – A Coastal Stroll

6 thoughts on “Towyn Farm – A Coastal Stroll

  1. I’ll have to make some time for a visit to Wales. The dog rather limits where we can go at the moment as well as other obligations. Your post reminds me of just how wonderful the Welsh coast is.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There’s so much of it to explore too – this is our favourite little stretch, although I would like to go down to Pembrokeshire one year.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Awesome little dudes – they probably are quite large by UK standards, but no danger of them pulling us down into those labyrinths.

  2. Huge Spiders! I can do MUCH better than that although you might have to wait a few weeks. Coastal walking rounded there is great. You should try the headland at the end next year

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Looking forward to your Aussie posts – especially if there are HUGE spiders.
      J took us down to the headland at the end a few years ago, when you were at work. It would be nice to backpack that stretch of the Welsh coastal path.

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