Tattershall Castle

So, Autumn has been and gone, accompanied by lorry loads of film-crews and huge flocks of Chris Packham spotters down at Leighton Moss, and yet somehow I haven’t managed to finish blogging about the summer holidays.  


Although, I’ve made a great deal about the fact that we spent the summer at home, aside from our annual trip to Towyn Farm, we did in fact pop off to Lincoln for the Bank Holiday weekend. My parents dragged the kids off to Sundown Adventure Land for the day (you can’t keep my Dad away – he loves it there) leaving TBH and I free to do some exploring. We went to have a gander at Tattershall Castle and the adjoining church.

(It seems that an amoeba was hitching a ride on my camera lens that day, I can only apologise.)

Because the castle is constructed from….


….red house bricks, I assumed that it was of relatively recent construction. How wrong I was: it was built in the 15th Century.


There’s plenty of natural history on offer alongside the history. The castle and church have important populations of bats and the moat hosts numerous newts. I think that this flower is viper’s bugloss, it’s not something we see at home.


The National Trust provide audio guides, which I always enjoy and which really brought the history to life here.


I shan’t attempt to recreate any of it here – visit yourself and listen to it in the environs of the castle – very enjoyable.


Each floor of the keep is chiefly occupied with a single large room, each of which has a large and richly decorated fireplace. I was pleased to find George and his dragon above one of them.








The views from the top of the castle – over the flatlands of Lincolnshire – are extensive – Boston Stump can be picked out in one direction and Lincoln Cathedral in another.


I subsequently discovered that an old school friend was staying at a holiday park by the old gravel pits that same weekend. It’s a small world…..



The church by the castle is very large relative to the village.


As well as the bats, it has a second-hand book-stall and a cafe. As has the gatehouse…


Tattershall Castle

6 thoughts on “Tattershall Castle

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Your kids are a bit old for Sundown. It’s advertised as being for kids up to 10, although A still loves it. It’s quite odd – lots of playground equipment. (Did you ever go to Wicksteed Park when you were a kid? No reason you should have done – I think it’s in Kettering) Also very gentle amusement park type rides. And small buildings – a wild west town, a small castle, a pirate ship. Amazing for small children. And Grandads. My Dad loves it, you can’t keep him away. (Despite whatever he might say to the contrary.)

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