Another Sunrise and Two More Sunsets


The last day of our Christmas and New Year break. ‘All good things must come to an end’ they say. Well, who are they and why are they such a pain in the you-know-where?


I was up early for another sunrise from Castlebarrow.


In fairness, there’s no call to be up particularly early at this latitude to catch a sunrise.


Nice though to grab a revitalising pre-breakfast leg-stretcher, a lungful of fresh, cold air and a free light-show.


One advantage of watching the sunrise from a hilltop is that you can effectively watch it rise again as you descend the hill…


Our old friend X-Ray came over for lunch, tea and a card game or two. As usual on such occasions we went out for a bit of a wander too. We all toddled down to the Cove and then the rest of the family decided that they’d had enough exercise for today, thank you very much, and left X-Ray and I to continue down the coast to Jack Scout. From where we watched the sunset over the bay….


Not as spectacular as the previous days offerings from Warton Crag, but very pleasant none the less.



We continued round Jenny Brown’s point and along the edge of the salt marsh.


You can see that the light was getting a little low. And we still had a fair way to go back up through Fleagarth Wood and through Sharp’s Lot to the village. X-Ray has dodgy ankles and wasn’t entirely impressed by my choice of route for what had become a night hike. I, on the other hand, am rather relishing finishing my walks in the dark. At least for the moment.

Later that week I managed to make an early exit from work and dragged the boys out for another venture to the Cove.


For yet another sunset.


Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one, I’ve had the tune playing mentally since I typed the post title – I’m one sunrise short, I know.

More sunsets to follow.

Another Sunrise and Two More Sunsets

5 thoughts on “Another Sunrise and Two More Sunsets

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’m not as much a morning person as I used to be. I used to drive Andy (and probably everybody else) mad with my ability to talk ten to the dozen first thing in the morning, or with wanting to be walking at 5am. This sunrise was at around 8.30 I think, not particularly early. I do still enjoy an early morning stroll.

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          It was time to get up. I was frozen. Something to do with camping in a play-tent and mistaking a tea-bag for a sleeping-bag.

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