Arnside Knott Sunset


I was watching a tree-creeper, in characteristic fashion, head down, tail pointing skyward, circling a tree trunk. The tree-creeper that is, not me, obviously. It wouldn’t keep still long enough for me to get it framed in my viewfinder, so when I heard an outbreak of shushing and comedy stage-whispers behind me, I wasn’t unduly upset. I had managed to catch an image of this marsh tit before they walked past anyway.

The noises-off emanated from a largish party of walkers, who, judging by their accents, had escaped for a beano from somewhere on Merseyside.


Here they are enjoying Arnside Tower.


This was a Sunday afternoon, post-sporting fixture jaunt. The day before we’d been back on Warton Crag in the afternoon with some good friends, but it was a very grey day, so I’ve arbitrarily decided to skip that walk and post this one instead.


On this occasion, I was on my own and walked round the coast into the Kent Estuary and then to White Creek, from where I climbed up through the woods to Heathwaite.


By now the sun was low in the sky….


…and was bathing everything in a lovely golden light.




Looking along the coast back towards Silverdale.


It was my intention to arrive at the toposcope close to the top of Arnside Knott just as the sun was setting.


There were a few people about, enjoying the views.


And why not?




Arnside Knott Sunset

8 thoughts on “Arnside Knott Sunset

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It was a good one. We’ve had a few recently, although, sadly, some of those I’ve seen through a window at work.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks for the link, I enjoyed reliving that through your post. On no – I already spend far too much time trawling back through my old posts – it’s never occurred to me flick through your archives from time to time. Until now.

      Sunsets are definitely going to be 2015’s thing. And robins. And unexpectedly coming into a fortune and becoming a man of leisure.

      I can dream.

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