Arnside Knott with the Boys


So, lets get the obligatory photo of a robin out of the way first. Did you know that a robin’s heart beats something like a 1000 times a second? I can tell that you’re impressed. I intend to store up a lot more trivia about robins and then drip-feed it onto the blog, because robins are so obliging when it comes to posing for photos.

Other birds are available, but they will insist on keeping their distance.


I don’t know how fast a blue tit’s heart beats. I’ll look in to it and get back to you. Don’t hold your breath.

This was another Saturday afternoon, post-child-to-sport-ferrying stroll. I persuaded both boys to join me. Actually, if I remember correctly, TBH and A had gone off shopping together (a mother daughter bonding ritual) so the persuading went something like: “You’re coming for a walk.”

Not that they were particularly upset by the idea. You can see…


…that they were entirely inappropriately dressed for a walk in early February. But the sun was shining and although the wind was cool, it didn’t feel too bad, so long as we kept moving. And the boys did keep moving. By the time we reached Arnside Tower we’d already had a wander around Eaves Wood, visiting and clambering up some favourite trees, and crossed Middlebarrow where the boys startled a rabbit and then cornered it under a fallen tree trunk – they were fascinated and wanted me to take a photo. The rabbit was understandably shy.

In the woods on Arnside Knott we found a huge den…


….which the boys thoroughly approved of. They also found several new climbing frames on which to practice their gymnastic routines.


As B explored another tree I was astonished to hear S imploring him to come down. Since S doesn’t generally seem to have much of a radar for danger, I hate to think what B was doing to bring this on. I didn’t look: I daren’t. Fortunately, just as there had been on the rest of the walk, there were numerous small birds darting about in the trees to divert me.


I took a close interest in this nuthatch, and pretty soon B was running up behind me and telling me it was time to move on.


Only as far as the next enticing tree obviously.


From the top of the Knott the views were not what they might have been. Although the skies were clear, there was a murky haze, of a sort which I generally associate with warm spring days when, it seems to me, the landscape is drying out after the winter and creating a sort of warm fug.

At the bench near to the top of the Knott, I finally gave in to S’s demands and we stopped for a snack. Now that we’d stopped, the wind put paid to any notion we might have harboured about spring having arrived. We piled on all of our spare clothes, but we were soon chilled to the marrow regardless.


S was all for phoning home and begging a lift from his mum. But since there were several flaws in that plan, we just got on the move again.


S didn’t believe that would be effective, but it soon was, and the boys drifted into one of their endless discussions about Minecraft or Lego Batman 3 or some such.


I think if we could have waited another 15 minutes or so, the sunset would have been really spectacular, but S had only just warmed up again, and it didn’t seem wise to wait in those circumstances.


There’ll be other sunsets.

Arnside Knott with the Boys

4 thoughts on “Arnside Knott with the Boys

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well yes. We didn’t have a phone. That’s a fair obstacle. We weren’t on a road, although S didn’t think that would be a difficulty. And we weren’t really sure that TBH had arrived home.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Calming down? Sadly I suspect not. But sort of heartening to realise that S actually recognises danger when he sees it. Apparently, the branch which B was standing on was rotten. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

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