Trowbarrow and Back – Glorious Mud


Thursday’s wander. We gave the kids two options: Haweswater or Trowbarrow and they chose the latter.


This is another part of the trough, a natural feature which runs across the area. That’s B demonstrating his climbing skills.

We were intrigued by this tree….


…which has a huge area on its trunk completely free of bark. According to the boys this is because it has been struck by lightning; I’m not sure why they concluded that, or if they may be right or not.


At Trowbarrow (a former limestone quarry) we discovered that two ponies have been enlisted to keep the vegetation in check. It was A’s idea to pet the larger of the two, but the small one was clearly jealous and insisted on our attention.





We’d had some rain overnight with the result that some of the paths were very muddy.


The boys were delighted.


I had a really great view of a nuthatch on a tree-trunk right by the path. Sadly the photos have not turned out as sharp as I had hoped.


In the woods it’s common to hear a bird tapping a tree-trunk. Nuthatches do it. I think that great tits do too. This one was. You can see that it has something in its beak here, a seed perhaps? There are several more seeds jammed into the crack in the bark; I have a feeling that the nuthatch was using the tree like a workbench – the seeds are held in a vice and can be conveniently worked on.

As well as stopping to photograph the nuthatch, I was also having to pause to indulge a particularly vociferous cough which insisted on being heard. The others left me behind. Not to worry: I didn’t want for company. If you look very closely, on the left-hand side of the photo.


You might just about pick out….


…a robin!


Which was singing very sweetly. Hence the slightly ruffled throat feathers.

Trowbarrow and Back – Glorious Mud

8 thoughts on “Trowbarrow and Back – Glorious Mud

  1. All suspense here from the title – expecting to see derring do actions on the Trowbarrow crags where I had a few scary moments a few years ago when I was still rock climbing. Instead I was suitably calmed by your photos – just was well before I head off to bed.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I gather that some of the climbing at Trowbarrow is a bit ‘hard’. (I’m aware that in climbing parlance ‘hard’ probably translates these days as ‘for beginners only’ but I mean hard in a more conventional sense!) I don’t really do derring-do, but the boys are showing promise (rather too much for my liking).

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Jacquie. The cough hasn’t given up the ghost yet, but it is fading fast. I even managed to climb a proper hill yesterday (of which more soon-ish).

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      For years I resisted the idea of having a pair of wellies – after all real walkers wear lace up boots with Vibram soles. Since I succumbed I love my wellies and I’ve secretly rediscovered the joys of wading through puddles and splodging in mud.

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