Interlude: Waiting for My Man


Sleep was hard to come by on the Saturday night what with the wind outside seemingly intent on taking us all clean out of Kansas. Something of a surprise then, on the Sunday morning, to find that there were patches of blue sky above the valley awash with the swollen River Dochart.

Do you remember at school that child who was always last in line? The last one ready for P.E., (or as I seem to recall Games and Apparatus?). The one still lingering in the changing rooms when everyone else has gone off for lunch? Then still at the dining hall table when playmates have scrapped their plates clean and disappeared outside? The last back from lunch because some distraction diverted their attention when the bell rang? I do. Very vividly. At my school, it was me. I’m still late for everything. I don’t entirely know why, and it’s a character trait I find annoying and sometimes quite stress inducing. What a happy situation then, that amongst the group of old hill-walking friends I regularly get together with, there are not one, but several others who are equally hopeless when it comes to getting ready to doing anything. The Adopted Yorkshireman has always stood-out for his ability to find some last minute piece of kit-readjustment, or to recall some forgotten item which eluded packing etc. But this weekend he was incontrovertibly surpassed by the Tower Captain, now crowned King Dilly Dally, the Faffmeister, the Duke of Delay, Baron Behindhand.


Great tit and coal tit.

Whilst a a slightly disgruntled crowd gathered in the hallway, I was outside where there’s a really impressive collection of bird-feeders. At breakfast we’d been admiring through the window a woodpecker on one of them. That had gone, but still plenty of entertainment to be had.


Blue tits.


Siskin and chaffinch.

Every year I’m impressed by the number and variety of birds on the feeders, and by the presence of so many siskins, which we don’t often see at home in our own garden. I would have happily waited out quite a bit more procrastination, although it’s a good job we did get going because the day ahead turned out to be a fine one…..

Interlude: Waiting for My Man

7 thoughts on “Interlude: Waiting for My Man

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hi Loren,
      For many people these are probably the birds they see most often – they all visit gardens as long as there trees somewhere near by. Nice to think of them as exotic and unusual!

  1. Always impressed to see the multitude of birds on their feeders. I’d have set up the tripod and a the telephoto if it hadn’t been so wet. Particularly impressed to see a woodpecker

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Our nesting box has fallen down, but I shan’t be putting it back up, since we’ve acquired two demo spawn evil bird-killers (cats) and so I’d rather the birds stayed away.

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